Congrats to Hilda!

Hey faithful readers!
Hilda, from, has a book published!!!
The Invisible Spy is about how fourteen-year-old Sofia wishes upon a star on her birthday to be able to spy on people without anyone noticing her, her birthday wish is granted with the help of a magical star ring. With it, she has the time of her life until she loses her ring. All the while, she juggles with a friendship that might lead to her first boyfriend. But without her birthday ring, Sofia feels empty and depressed. Will she be able to find it? Will she ever be able to spy again? (I did not write that)
I have not read the book yet, but as soon as I do, a review will be posted about it! 
Also, just a note that she changed her blog URL to instead of
Here is the link to where you can buy her book


  1. Oh my, thank you soo much!! **hugs** :D I can't wait to read your review.

  2. You are so welcome blogger/writer buddy! ;) I thought I had already done this, but it turns out I haven't... May I add your blog to my list of favorite blogs?

  3. Aw I see it! Aw thank you so much, my blogger/writer buddy! I love that! :)

  4. Dropping by, just to say hi. :)


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