Tubesday: Beverly Hillbillies

Since the play was last Thursday and Friday and we were doing the Beverly Hillbillies I thought this Tubesday should be in honor of that. Here is the very first episode of the Beverly Hillbillies! 
Either watch it directly on my blog or click HERE to watch directly from YouTube.

Ok, sorry I just realized it's not even Tuesday, so I guess you get this a little early. Haha, oops!
By the way, just in case you were wondering, the play went GREAT! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT! I couldn't have done this without you, I know that sounds cliche and cheesy but you really helped me through this! I was pretty much nervous for nothing because I nailed my four lines both nights and everything went awesome. Thursday night was our better performance because it was nearly flawless and the audience was interacting with us a lot and laughing all the time! Friday was good, but sadly not as good as Thursday because there were a handful of mistakes and the audience wasn't into it as much :(

In the party scene on Thursday (that's what we call the scene of the party with the Clampet's) there is a part where I had to go between a chair and a table to get out, but someone put the chair and the table too close together when they were changing the stage so I couldn't get through.... thankfully I exit the stage with Sea J so she telepathically told me to go around which was really awkward because it had to cross in front of everybody, but my parents said that they didn't even notice. Ok, long sentence. Seana and I know each other so well that we can look at each other and without saying anything, we can talk to each other. Crazy, I know.

It's a bittersweet ending to the play, but I'm glad I did it even though it did cause me a lot of unwanted worry. Thanks again!


  1. That's a relief. So cool you and Seana can know what each other is thinking! My family and I do too. It's cause you spend so much time with your friend and know her very well. Isn't it awesome?! No, I am not high on candy... yet. :P

    ***throws roses on stage for you and Seana.


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