So everyone. On the topic of NaNo: I've written 3,359 words so far, but I haven't been working fast at all because I sort of have a mild case of writer's block :( This is bad! If I want to meet my goal, I have to get writing! Anyway, I decided that I'd share a bit of what my book was about with you using my book summery that I have on my NaNo page and a brief excerpt. It's actually harder to write a summery of your own book than I thought. I wrote my like how you would see in the front cover or on the back so here it goes:

The tale of four futuristic girls who daringly outwit the government's Bureaucrats so they can live their own lives in freedom.
Galaxy Robins, an only child under the parenthood of a vulgar workaholic mother; Gemma LaFleure, a peppy girl with a mannerism of persuasiveness like no other; and Pine and Cedar Lenning, twin girls who are ready to get away from their large family and snotty sisters, will have to plan everything perfectly and be very careful about who they can trust along the way to liberty.

I'm sorry if that doesn't interest you in the least, but I may have a different style of writing, so deal with it :P  
But here's an excerpt from the beginning that will probably get majorly changed in the near future ;)

“I am invisible. I am stealthy. I am smarter than they are.” I panicked. I was in the forbidden room, the one that we were not allowed to enter. Ever. 
I took the small vile with glowing purple liquid and shoved it into my shirt pocket.
“Galaxy Robins!” A Bureaucrat called.
Shoot! They must've come in while my guard was down...
“I know you're in here, come out, come out wherever you are, love,” she mocked,trying to show me how she wasn't scared of me. That she had all the power over me.
No! I thought. They do not control me! I am my own person. Should I uncover myself? Make myself seem innocent? No, I can't let them think that I'm weak. I can't endanger my friends either, I am in here for them and I will not let them down! 

That meant one thing only: that I would have to play dumb. I pushed the vile down deeper into my drab, grey school uniform, making sure that it didn't show through the thin cotton cloth. Stepping out, I hollered, “Hello? Is anybody in here? I can't find my way out!”
The Bureaucrat smiled that same blood red smile that they all had. All the Bureaucrats looked the same. Tight cochineal red lips, powered pale faces, waxed eyebrows, straight bleached-blond hair, stick thin bodies, skin-tight black uniforms, but most of all, they were all women. They run our country and pride themselves on not having a single man in it. They are our teachers, bosses, and principals. They get all the jobs of importance. You see, they control us, the women here in Domaine Unit. There are seven unit's in Median, but out of all seven I've only been to one. That would be Domaine, where I was born and where I'll always stay because there are laws stating that one cannot go outside of their own unit. That is unless our plan succeeds.
“Galaxy,” she sighed heavily with surprisingly much grace, “what are you doing in here?”
“Well, you see,” I snuck an glance at her name badge, “Bureaucrat Waters, I was looking for my new Advanced Bio class. I am supposed to start it today and I ran into the wrong room.” Me starting a new bio class was not a lie. Maybe I lied just a little bit when I said I ran into the wrong room though.
“Ah. I see. Let me escort you down to your class then. What number?” All our classes were labeled with a number instead of a teacher's name because a lot of teachers have similar names.
“Number 319,” I said.
She took me down to class number 319 and gave the teacher a pass for me being late.
I guess that's why I hate the bureaucrats so much. They act so nice and kind to you, but then when no one's looking or they want a reminder of their power, they get real nasty, like they have two faces or something. Power can get to people's heads, I'm sure. I'll never know of course, I was born in this place at this time where you can't just step up to power, you have to earn it.

Yeah, that is gonna get changed. Ha, don't you hate it when write something and you're like "this sounds great" but when you reread it and it sounds dumb? That always happens to me!
Anyway, any tips would be greatly appreciated so feel free to comment away. Also since I won't be posting quite as often as normal during NaNoWriMo, I would like to ask for some volunteers to do a guest post this month. Comment if you would like to, it can be about anything, don't be shy! Well, anything as long as it's appropriate! Just an idea would be a piece of your writing, or if you're not a writer you could do a book review, fashion, craft, recipe, advice, or just plain talking about your favorite fall activity. Anything you come up with would be great! Just email 
if you would be willing, it would be greatly appreciated. :) 
Happy NaNo-ing,


  1. *cough*

  2. Wow. That's all I can say! That was intriguing, and and, beautiful! Great work!

  3. first off i would love to do a guest post. second: UR BOOK ROCKS SO FAR!!!! DONT CHANGE IT!!!! and lastly, we totally need 2 hang out! ;)
    cause i must

  4. Hmm...I'm getting a slightly Uglies, Hunger Games, and Unwanteds vibe here. Interesting plot so far.

    I must thank you profusely though, for not using that font that makes my eyeballs do summersaults and nearly fall out. Thank you.

  5. ~Emma thank you for that link! Much appreciated!

    ~Lindy Joy aww, thanks, that makes me happy :)

    ~Meggie ok looks like you emailed me so I'll set you up with a date for it soon! Keep checking you email. Also thanks, and yes we do need to hang out.

    ~Sea J yes, yes, I guess you could say that. Oh that font! I'll make sure to use that next time! :P Just kidding.

  6. That is a great story! I want to hear more of it. Very good, plot (so far), writing style, very good.

    1. Thank you mysterious person called Anonymous ;P Haha, couldn't resist that :)


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