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Hey everyone! So today is another guest post and I asked my friend Carter (click HERE to visit his and four other 8th grader's blog) from to take it. If you noticed, Avery who did a guest post earlier, and he are from the same blog :P 
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Hello to all people who are reading this right now, as you might see from the way I write, I am not July. I was actually asked to do a guest post for her while she works on a masterpiece for NANOWRIMO, I thought I might do something on The Westing Game because I seem to be hearing a lot about this book lately, but I can't write a ton because there are so many spoilers, but I'll do my best. So here it goes.

The Westing Game, Ellen Raskin
By: Carter

Okay, first thing's first, characters, there's 16 of them that are part of the Game, so I'll just give you a little background info on all of them:

Turtle Wexler: Turtle is pretty much the closest you get to a main character, she's smart, cunning, and 13. Turtle has a habit of kicking the most annoying person in the room and has a love for her sister, Angela, and her treasured braid that she wears everywhere. 

Sandy Mc Southers: Doorman to the wonderful Sunset Towers, Sandy is a poorly educated man the becomes partners with the Judge and is great friends with Turtle

Angela Wexler: Angela is Turtle's older sister who is engaged to Dr. Denton Deere. She is only known for her beauty, nothing else, even with here high grades in college for being a doctor, Angela drops out for her mom, who is a control freak.

Grace Wexler: Grace is one of the most controversial characters in the book, you don't know whether to like her, or hate her. She is an interior decorator and helps with Hoo's restaurant

Theo Theodorakis (seriously, no spell check for this, but for Wexler?): Theo is a kid who really lives for his brother. Gives half of the 10,000 dollars given to him just for his brother's medical needs and gives up his dream of going to college for the medication. Theo loves to write anything and is pretty smart in school, he does well and doesn't really have a problem with it. Theo also is one of the characters that loves to play chess

Chris Theodorakis: Chris, on the outside, is just another disabled kid that can't control his body, but on the inside, Chris is probably one of the smartest people in the Westing Game Theo love to watch birds and figures out how some of the clues fit together.

Dr. Denton Deere: Dr. Deere is a doctor (obviously) who is engaged to Angela. Dr. Deere is partnered up with Chris, who he wants only to sign the paper and get it over with, but starts to have an okay relationship with him as the book rolls out.

Otis Amber: Otis Amber is a letter carrier that never finished the fourth grade according to most of the characters in the book. He is also accused of the murder of Sam Westing by most of the groups.

Berthe Erica Crow: Crow is an alcoholic cleaning lady that seems to know Otis Amber really well, not much more I can say without giving anything away

James Shin Hoo: Mr. Hoo is an inventor that starts a restaurant after his paper invention is stolen and he sue's Westing Paper Products. He has a strange competitiveness with the coffee shop downstairs.

Sun Lin Hoo: Sun married James for reasons we don't know. She wants to go back to China and starts taking extensive measures to get a ticket.

Doug Hoo: He runs, not much else than that and pulling Turtle's braid. He doesn't care that much about the Westing Game

Each one of these characters is matched up with another one to figure out who killed Sam Westing. Westing writes a will that starts the big mystery. Each one of these people were secretly put into Sunset Towers by Barney Northrup. And sends all of these people into an adventure that will change how they look and the world. Each group finds different ways to interperent and obtain the clues. The story is filled with twist, turns, theft, and bombs that make the tension increase throughout the story. 

I love this story, it goes by quick, but it's worth it. Make sure you know the characters and keep them separate because otherwise everything will become extremely confusing.

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~ Carter


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