My Thoughts On NaNoWriMo

Ok so I thought I'd quickly update you about my progress on NaNo. I am absolutely positively sure that I'm not gonna be able to finish this year :(
1. I didn't think about how I had to write and finish it in 10,000 words
2. I do not feel like starting all over because I like what I have now
3. I don't have time to make my word goal higher because NaNo is almost done
4. I can write 10,000 words, but I can't finish what I've started because I set it up without thinking about it to be a longer thing

Well, I'm still gonna try to finish it 10,000 words but my ideas have piled up and I can't make it a good story in that few words. Sigh, I'll definitely do it again next year! Another thing that has been hard to is that I'm doing two writing challenges at one, the 100 for 100 Challenge and NaNo. Its piling up a bit, I'm working on two different stories.
Anyway, Happy NaNo-ing.
A saddened me,


  1. You do realize you can go above and beyond your word count goal? :) That's just how many words you think you can write in a month. My NaNo novel from last year still isn't finished, partially because its story couldn't be completed in 40,000 words.

    1. Wait.... so I can write 10,000 words and finish writing later? I don't have to finish my entire novel this month? Well if that's the case, then I'll definitely be able to finish! Yaaaaay, that takes so much stress off, tell me it's true :)

    2. Exactly! You're just a winner of NaNoWriMo if you reached your word count goal. :) Of course you should aim to finish your novel in November, but they don't expect you to.

    3. Ohhhh thank you Emma! I'm so relieved.

    4. I didn't know that. Thanks Emma. :)

  2. What's your nano username? Love your blog by the way!
    ~Ruby from

    1. My NaNo user name is.... um hold on let me check :) Oh yeah: July A. Emmance
      Thanks for the compliment :)


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