NaNo Update!

Sososososo, I thought I'd give you a super duper quick update on NaNo, I have been super writing today, and I only have 866 words left!
I will be finishing either tonight or sometime tomorrow after school. Yay!
Next year, I will be managing my time much more wisely though so I can have a much larger word goal.
I don't think you will be getting the last two guest posts that I had scheduled, because my friends never got them done. *cough, cough.... AJ Ryan, Em..... cough, cough* But that's ok, Nano is done on Friday so I'll be back to posting normally soon.
I promise that I'll do another book review soon! I haven't done one forever, and I'm itching to do it!


  1. YAY, JULY! So proud of you. ^.^ Have a good time finishing writing and best of luck with finishing up your novel. :)

  2. Can't wait, oh, and good luck with nano! Whohooo! :)

  3. Super big well done for sticking with NaNo! Good on you!

  4. Good luck, July!
    Is the sentence story done? I'm not able to type anything on it.

    ~D. Skye <3

  5. Very well done for seeing your novel to the end! I must admit, you're a stronger woman than I. ~cough~ I wrote 121 words and gave up ~cough cough~


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