Guest Post Two Days Late ;P by Avery

Hey guys, so I got Avery another friend to do a guest post for you guys... of course being the very responsible and reliable person that she is, she got it in to me two days late ;P Love you Avery, but I sent you like 10 emails, haha!
Click HERE to visit the blog Avery and three other 8th graders, Josh, Carter, and AJ, made.

This is Avery from Books, Books Everywhere. July asked me to guest post so here I am! I really didn't know what to do it on soooo.... This week on our blog I am going to do a review on the Leviathan trilogy. Come and read it. Thank you for a guest posting space July! Read Books, Books Everywhere!


  1. Stopping by to say hi July. :D

    1. Hi Hilda :) Heehee, oh that reminds me, I have to review your book now don't I?


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