January 06, 2014

Forgotten Writing Contest!

Hello! We have a snow day today! Well, it's actually a "cold" day it's absolutely freezing! in this fine state of Michigan. 2 degrees Fahrenheit with a negative windchill. Brrr. 

Anyway, a long, long time ago in a far away land, a girl named July announced a contest. It happened to be a writing contest. Time passed and she didn't get many entries so she and everyone else in the kingdom completely forgot about it. Until now.
Morel of the story: ENTER THIS CONTEST! 
This is what I posted a while ago (below), and I'm still looking for more of you lovely people to enter. 
You can also find this information on the bar above this post. Keep looking there for details on future contests! Possibly a giveaway later on? :)

"Hey guys! I think I shall be holding a writing contest!
So basically if you choose to enter you will be writing the best beginning of a story that you can. I will be giving you the topic, and your goal will be to write a quick snippet (200 words or less) that will leave the readers wanting more!
The topic for this one is "disastrous" so whatever that word makes you think of, write about! And be creative!

Ok now the rules:
- It must be under 200 words
- One entry only please
- Must be about whatever you think of when you think "disastrous"
- Must be edited to your ability (please don't leave your writing trashy with no corrections at all, but don't worry, I don't expect it to be perfect! haha)
- Please keep it age appropriate and clean! No language will be tolerated!
- Send your entry to julya.emmance@gmail.com

*Note* If I feel that your entry isn't appropriate for this contest, I will not except it, sorry!

Judging Info:
I will not be judging this contest! Your piece will be posted on this blog with credit to you and I will set up a poll for people to vote for their favorite :)
I will collect the entries and as soon as I get four submissions, I will post a due date for all other entries.
The reason I am doing it that was is because I don't want to set a due date right away and get only one or two entries. Please enter! It would make my day :)

Don't get too excited here..... Buckle your seat belts ladies and gentlemen.....
The person with the most votes wins a guest post on my blog and a lifetime supply of air! There could possibly be something else too but I can't think of another reward right now. Any suggestions?

PLEASE ENTER MY CONTEST I'M BEGGING YOU ALL! And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
Mischief Managed,


  1. I submitted my bstory, eagerly waiting for the announcement of the results! (;

  2. Please guys 200 words is short. Please enter.

    I wont be entering to give others a chance. So go for it guys. Everyone has a good story to tell. Share us yours. :)

  3. This is great. I would try my best to enter and share it with my blogger friends. Follow each other.

    1. Thank you! Hope to see you drop by again :)


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