Tubesday! "The video that states my fate for the next month and a half" otherwise known as FIRST 2014

Good morning everybody! I have a little announcement to make! Can you guess? Well... it just happens to be a special day, that happens to happen on this blog every (well... almost) Tuesday...

This isn't gonna be a typical Tubesday. This is going to be epic (for me at least because I'm guessing you guys won't appreciate it like I do). I spent this past Saturday from 8:15 'til dark over at a conference where the the 2014 FIRST game was going to announced. You see, I decided to join my school's robotics team this year as my brother is also on it and he actually wanted me to join! Plus I went to competitions last year and it was actually super fun. You honestly wouldn't understand if you have never been there! 

Every year they introduce a different game and we have to build a robot to perform the tasks. Last year it was Ultimate Ascent where the robot had to shoot frisbees into goals. I made a very unpopular post on my experience off the team last year right HERE

1O7k, I get it. This sounds like the nerdiest thing ever and why should you care? Well it's honestly the coolest thing ever. If you can get to a FIRST competition, do what ever you have to do to be there. Especially if it's in Michigan. Michigan's a party. You'll find out.

Anyway, we got to the conference and it was absolutely packed. Everyone's guess was that the game would either be hockey or a water type thing because neither of those had been done before and they sort of matched up with the clue teams were given. I realllllly wanted it to be hockey because if you don't know me, I LOVE hockey.

Finally after all the speakers, the game was about to be announced....
This was basically me: "Hockey... hockey... hockey..."

It was all introduced in a video. "This year's game is called Aerial Assist!"

I was like:

This does not sound like hockey. 

Here (below) is the actual Tubesday portion of this post! Sorry for all the other rubble you had to dig through for this, ahaha. This is the task and a shortened part of the video we saw. 

The whole time while watching the video for the first time, I was just thinking, "Oh my word, this is so much more complicated than last year. We are never gonna pull this off... oh my word, I can't even function right now."

I was so overwhelmed. Thankfully we got to go into a breakout room for the rest of the day and plan our robot/analyze the video so I understood it and it even makes sense to me now! Well, we have six weeks to build our robot and that is not a lot. I will be completely throwing myself into this and learning as much as I can because I want to be someone active on the team, so that'll make me slightly busy. Wish us luck! And let me know if you have any other questions because I would love to answer them. And be warned, I might write a rant post later about robotics stereotypes ;)

Mischief managed!


  1. My cousin used to do this but he graduated last year. It was a lot of fun to watch. What is your teams number? My cousin's was 111 WildStang.

    1. Awww, too bad! We might have seen him at worlds if we go this year! Cool name though :) We're Team R.O.B.O.T.I.C.S. and each letter stands for something, but I can't think of what right now :P
      Would you ever consider joining?

    2. I'm seriously considering it. Our towns robotics team is only high school. So maybe next year.

    3. Ooh! Yay! Do you mind me asking what your name is? I'm curious as to who I'm talking to! ;P

  2. I didn't know there was that before. It sounds interesting! I would like to see how it is. iwo nder if youtube has a video of that?

    1. If you can get to a competition, go!! It's very cool. Youtube is full of video's, I would recommend looking up 2013's challenge. But also know that it's a bit boring to watch on YouTube... :P

    2. Lol, oh thanks for the heads up. :)


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