"Disaster" Writing Contest Entries: Voting Open Now

Hello everyone! So, as you might know, I am hosting a writing contest with the theme "disaster." That contest is now closed, and it's time to determine the winner!
Originally I said that I would set up a poll for y'all to judge by, but after some consideration, I thought it best that you guys just comment who you think should win. I won't publish your votes so you'll still be anonymous, I just think it's best this way. And don't worry, I'll be honest about it too!
You can view the requirements and prizes for the contest on the bar on top of this post. Just click on "Contests!"

I know you're dying to read the entries and I hope you'll find them all just as enjoyable and thrilling as I did. In no particular order, here are the entries!

By Annanya Priyadarshini at Annanya - meaning unique..

It couldn't be worse than this I thought, I was publicly embarrassed. Well, it was not bothering me as much as the fact that I'd been embarrassed in front of my 'sworn enemy'! " Anya you are a bright student, you can do way better than this.." my history teacher said calmly. As a cherry on top History is my favourite subject, how could I fail? I was a straight A student until 5 minutes ago. Akshita looked at me mockingly with a pretended pitiable expression on her face "Never mind, just work hard next time" she said in her sweet as honey voice, "You little pitiable creature" she whispered. I could rip her apart at that moment, but the words I read yesterday calmed me down " Your enemy will succeed if your temper rises, he/she can show that they are calm and well mannered not you." Akshita, I must pay attention in class and study hard."I said calmly. I loved the expression on her face when she heard this." It's so good Anya you are taking this in positive sense" my history teacher beamed. Akshita must be burnt till the core with jealously. After class ended I grabbed my stuff for painting class, Akshita opened her notebook "muttering to Aanandita about how hypocrite I was, but her voice trailed off as her mouth fell wide open in shock"

By Raven Dewitt at Raven Dewitt

I looked at the clock on the wall of the solitary military base I was locked in. It was October 31, Halloween day. Exactly a week after the end of the world. And I was the only one who could save it.

By Seana Vixen at The Totally Insane Writer

The sound of wind whipping through your hair screams in your ears. The rain pelts your skin as you stare into the distance at the clouds choking out the light of the sun. Something is coming. Your gaze flicks over the rubble of what once was homes of families who thought that they were safe where they were. But no one is safe here. This is the country of danger, of mystery, of hope, but also of disaster. You shove trembling hands into your sweatshirt pockets, fiddling with the paper clip inside out of habit. A storm is raging inside of you, just as a storm brews in the air. Peeking through the hair that covers your face you see rain begin to fall across the horizon. Lightning cracks across the sky, answered by the roar of thunder. You take a step in your worn boots, the seams beginning to fall apart. You step towards the storm that's steadily coming to the place where you stand, daring you to try and stop it. But you are not afraid of disaster. You challenge it. You keep walking.

By Hilda Leticia Dominguez at Hilda

Kevin paced back and forth beside his sister. "Oh no, oh no! This is disastrous!""You have to stop reading that fat nerd book you are reading," said Sally, his sister. "It's making you sound like a nerd."
Kevin stopped pacing and faced her. "First of all, The Lord of the Rings book is a great book. You would know if you had the intellect to read it."

"I'm smart!" exclaimed Sally."Guys!" shouted Ally, hanging from the roof of their house. "Falling to my death here!"
Kevin looked at Sally and pointed up at Ally. "Oh yeah, smart enough to dare our older sister up to touch the satellite dish. Who is the smart one here?"
"Shut it, nerd! I'm trying to think."
"And stop calling me nerd!" cried Kevin. "I'll show you who the smart one is in this family."
Kevin ran inside to get his father and together moved the trampoline near the house. "Don't jump, Ally! It will only make you bounce higher! Just let yourself slip onto the trampoline," cried Kevin.
Ally closed her eyes for a second and slid down the roof and onto the trampoline. She bounced until she was able to stop.

By Trista Vaporblade at A blog of Writing and Music

Broken pieces of pottery lay scattered across the dirt floor; dust
covered everything in hazy white and cobwebs bounced with the gentle
breeze.  Carefully placing his boots in-between the shards of clay,
the raven haired boy wove a path to the opposite side of the cavern.
Fingers looped through his belt, he let his soft, jade eyes drift over
the ruins within. Who had lived here hundreds of years prior to his
discovery of this place? Why had they left? The echo of a small stone
bouncing over hard earth caught his attention; the noise had come from
        He narrowed his eyes and surveyed the wall of rock that appeared to
be the end of the small room but was obviously not. A thin cleft of
slate had crumbled away over the years, leaving a vertical slash in
the stone and an entry to anyone willing to venture past. He pushed
his body through the crack with some amount of grunting and set foot
into the hidden space beyond. His boots met cold, compact ice and his
feet began to slide. Catching his balance before he fell, the boy
skated downwards with the slope of the floor, unable to see anything
in the pitch darkness.

So these are the five awesome entries! Comment the first name of whoever you believe should win a guest post here on my blog. One vote allowed per person and you can vote for yourself. Participants, feel free to shout this post out on your own blogs (as long as you include a link to this blog, woohoo free advertisement for me!) to gain more votes. 
Give them all a read and feel free to comment encouraging feedback to any of the authors because I'm sure they would appreciate it :) If you are one of the authors and don't want that, let me know and I won't publish comments concerning your piece. Remember to keep your votes and feedback separate
Thanks so much to all who entered and all who are going to vote! Voting closes on February 10, 2014. 
Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor! 


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