Konnichiwa (hello in Japanese)!
Don't forget that your Sentence story entries are due on Sunday, April 28. You can do both or just one entry, but I haven't gotten any entries yet, so I'm reminding you. You have a while though, so don't worry too much! If you missed the post where I explained how to get bonus points, you can read that HERE but to sum it up, all you have to do is create either a romance between Candace and Eric, or a sister relationship between Candace and Lux.
Also, better details about rule entries for the sentence story contest are HERE!

Book club people! I've got four so far and I think that's a pretty solid number! I'm going to need your emails, so maybe you could comment and tell me your email address? I won't publish the comment, don't worry, your email will stay private! I'll email you all details once I have everyone's email accounted for.
If you still want to join the book club, just let me know! HERE is more info on that too :)

So I finally got around to doing my March dare..... a little late, I know, but I did it. So we all voted and the one that won was to send a random picture to the 10th person on my contacts list.
I don't save many contacts, but I do have a few saved ones such as friends and family so I had to send a picture to my brother.....
I have all my pictures on my ipod so I randomly scrolled through and let it fly, then put my figure on the screen so it would stop.
Now almost all my pictures are One Direction, so it turned out to be this picture:

Let's just say he wasn't very happy. 'Nuff said.
April dares??

And also, your question today: Why do flowers smell so good?? I want to know what you think.
July :) 


  1. April dare: do something you would never do because it is out of your comfort zone. I.e. dance in public, sing in public, draw and show someone the picture.

    I don't like the smell of flowers do I could tell you why the smell good.


    1. Hmmm, good ones! I will be dancing in public in a few months, so that's not really that bad, but singing..... I hate singing in front of a crowd. The only problem would be finding a crowd! Lol.

      You don't like the smell of flowers??? My goodness.

  2. How about wear a wig to school for one day or give a teacher a note saying you are not sane enough to be in their class but at the bottom of the page you explain it was just a dare. :P

    That's what I can think of. **shrug

    1. That wig idea is pretty great, but we're not allowed to wear hats/wigs and I'm pretty sure that would be a major distraction! Lol.
      Haha the note thing would be weird ;P

  3. Uh...a dare...how about not sitting down for an entire day? Or not talking for the whole day.

    Flowers have an aroma to attract bees and other insects...the same reason why flowers are such pretty, bright colors. It's all to attract the pollinators. (I think. I'm taking physics right now, not biology)

    1. Oh my goodness those two would be super hard!! I think the sitting down one would be impossible, because I do so much sitting down.... school, eating, homework, putting shoes on....
      But the talking one..... I could give that a go except for that my parents would think that something was wrong with me! :D

    2. And that is a really obvious answer to the flower question.... why didn't I think of that??? Lol! Thanks though!

  4. I HAVE AN AMAZING DARE FOR YOU. IT DEALS WITH LORD OF THE RINGS SO YOU MIGHT NOT GET IT, but run through the sixth grade hallway yelling "HOBBITS FROM THE SHIRE!!!!" Lord of the rings fans better get it. ;-p so seems like something July would love to do!!!!!!

    1. You're right, I won't get it..... we don't have a hallway especially dedicated to the 6th graders, but there is always the middle school hallway :P


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