Tubesday: "On My Own" Cover

Happy Tubesday!! Today's my brother's birthday, and we're going out to eat tonight so I'm pretty excited :) I got him a frisbee for frisbee golf, cause he really loves that and if you didn't know, you need different frisbees for different throws.... It's hard to explain :P
Anyway, so the Les Mis movie is all the rage right now, and I haven't seen it yet because my mom is putting up a huge stink and not letting me watch it.... NOT FAIR! Everyone else has seen it and is talking about it. Ah, I'll see it someday though, I will.
But today's video is of a girl singing On My Own which is sung by Eponine in Les Mis. She is phenomenal! I was truly amazed at how good she did and I watched some of her other covers and she has a great voice all around :)
Wishing I had this voice,
July ;P


  1. Le Mis... Probably the most heartbreaking tear-jerking movie I have ever seen. Watch it with a box of tissues.

    1. I definitely will.... IF MY MOM WILL LET ME! Ug. Still mad about that.

  2. I love it. It's better than a lot of Eponines. :D

    1. I thought she did an amazing job too, I mean her voice was perfect for the song!


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