THEY Grew Up to Be THEM?

Well, Happy (early) Valentines Day to you all! I'll be sitting at home by myself for yet another year. Thankfully I don't even care, but cheers to all those of you who do! And congrats to everyone who got engaged to tonight (or tomorrow night), who are pigging out on chocolate, and to those who are counting through all the candies you got attached to those little valentine things.....
So I don't know why I'm doing this but I thought it would be fun so here goes! I'll post a young picture and a clue about a celebrity and you guess who it is in comments! Please note that some clues are going to be noticeably easier than others because I know more about certain people than I do about others.

1. This person recently dated Taylor Swift (but
that could be literally anyone because Taylor
has dated half of Hollywood and counting!)
(sorry for the rude Taylor Swift joke, I'm extremely
angry with her right now.....)

2. This person has been in multiple movies throughout the
years, some romantic and others action packed

3. This person spent almost her entire childhood starring in
a huge success movie series

4. This person was on the X-Factor after his
mom made him turn the application in
because he was too shy

5. Everyone in the USA should know this man
(and no, it's not Michael Jackson)

6. This kid is my celebrity crush and he loves
Power Rangers

7. This person is very popular in the pop music world
and I don't agree with her wardrobe, ever

8. This person is known as the mature one and cut his long
wavy hair really short but it's growing back

9. This person was very big in the music
department and is no longer living
10. This person is my other celebrity crush
and he is the only one in his group to
have a brother

11. This person stepped over the line. Oh and
she also was "Too busy opening up the
Grammy's" *Psh*

12. This person is The Ginger of all time!
So there you have it. I would love to see who you think they all are and if you get nine (9) or over correct, I'll give you a guest post if you want it! I don't think these are too hard, so good luck!
I'll post the answers Saturday the 16th! Oh and please don't completely copy someone else's answers. That would be no fun! Maybe if you can, try not to look at other people's answers before you submit your own. As they say: submit, then be curious!


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    1. DUDE! You are one SMART cookie! You got 12/12 :) And yes I shall delete this right now :P

  2. Replies
    1. Haha lol :) Really? And I thought I made it easy on you guys..... :P

    2. Oh I looked over and I knew three. Haha still bad but I'm not a directioner, Harry potter fan, and I dislike Obama very much

    3. Haha, that's ok :)
      I'm sorry you're not a Directioner or Harry Potter fan..... your childhood is lacking the joys!
      I don't like Obama much either, but he is pretty well known..... :P

    4. Sorry! HAHAHA:-) I still have disney! thats all a childhood needs...

  3. Okay, seriously, Taylor did not step over the line. She had to be FEARLESS to make a joke that she knew would get her backlash. Yet, Directioners get no hate for sending her DEATH THREATS. That's right. Directioners want Taylor dead. Not to mention that, on his birthday, Harry got a lap dance from a stripper (there are pictures to prove it). Real respectable, huh? I don't see Taylor doing anything like that, do you? And, yeah, she got to open the Grammys, she won her seventh Grammy on Sunday, and One Direction hasn't even been nominated for a Grammy.

    I'm sorry, but if you're going to hate on my hero, you're going to see my angry side. I will ALWAYS stand up for Taylor.

    1. Now Emma, I understand what you're saying and I know that nobody is perfect. I can imagine that some Directioners would send death threats, but I am not the kind of person that would do that! Nobody deserves hate like that! But at the same time, Swifties trended "Directioners deserve cancer" and I'm sure you weren't part of that, but neither fandom is all innocent!
      I know that Harry's morals are different from yours and mine because we're Christians, and I am definitely not happy with some of the things that Harry does, but you don't see him totally bashing Taylor. Harry is not bashing Taylor, some mean Directioners are.
      The reason It bothers me is because while Harry and the rest of 1D was off doing charity work in Ghana, Taylor is making fun of him in the Grammys and dressing up like him in her new music video.
      I would like you to know that I don't hate Taylor, in fact I was glad that she won another Grammy! I listen to her music all the time! I just disagree with a couple of things she was doing. I actually appreciate your dedication and I hope there aren't any hard feelings with you knowing that I didn't mean for that joke to cause so much controversy and it was NOT intended to hate on Taylor, it was my way of sarcasm on the internet.

    2. Swifties did not trend "Directioners deserve cancer." That was some troll who started it, and then Directioners kept it going by quoting it and saying Swifties had started it.
      Taylor made one little comment, and she wasn't dressing like him in her new video. She wore beanies and baggy sweaters when Harry was still working in a bakery.
      Taylor has also done a lot for charity (think "Ronan," the 2012 KCAs Big Help Award, the Ripple of Hope Award, and she's made numerous donations to multiple charities; I believe she in fact was the most philanthropic celebrity in 2012).
      Don't hate unless you know all the facts. ;)

    3. I'm pretty sure they did, not you, but others. That's in the past now, so I'm not going to talk anymore about that anyway!

      Yes she is, have you seen the pictures? I know that she was wearing beanies and baggy sweaters before, but she dressed exactly like him.

      I also know that Taylor has also done charity work. Lol I had to look "philanthropic" up :) But just the fact that she is bashing on Harry when Harry hasn't done any of that to her? That's just ridiculous!

    4. Trust me, I know the facts. Swifties did not trend that.

      She wasn't copying him. People are making mountains out of molehills. 22 isn't even about Harry.

      What if Harry was a bit of a jerk during the relationship? Maybe he had it coming. We don't know. And it wasn't bashing, just one little joke.

    5. But that was what I did too! One little joke!

    6. I would first like to say that I am not taking a side here I would just like to add something. Emma not everyone is perfect. Just because they are famous they don't have to do everything right. Sure Harry had a stripper at his birthday party, but from what I heard was that it was a surprise. It isn't like he asked for it. But I do think that Taylor should be able to express her feeling about the relationship. Most people when they break up bash one another because that's the only way they know how to get their feelings out. Emma July also said that she was just mad with Taylor at the moment. She isn't saying she hates her. She just disagrees with something she did. Just like you disagree with something Harry did. It is great you both have opinions and that you feel free enough to express them.

      I hope you both are able to agree to disagree about this. I hope I help with all I said.


    7. I don't feel like it was one little joke, since Taylor hasn't dated half of Hollywood. She's been confirmed to have dated six guys, one of which isn't even an actor or musician.

    8. @ Ky I agree with what you say, thanks for also expressing your opinion! You say exactly what I sort of wanted to say in a much smoother way.... lol :)

      @ Emma it was a joke. Don't you see that it's sarcastic exaggeration? Would you have rather me said "dated half the world?" Lol, just joking :)

    9. I guess I don't see it as a joke because so many people have said that about Taylor when it's not true. What you were saying wasn't bashing, but I don't feel like it was a joke either. Kind of somewhere in between.

    10. Well, it was meant to be a joke, so I'm sorry that this all happened D:

    11. It's okay. Just be more careful next time on how you phrase stuff. ;) I'm VERY defensive of Taylor.

  4. Well, I can't say I know much about celebrities, but I will try to guess :) and may I ask why you are so angry with Taylor Swift?

    1. Er...I have heard she was dating Harry Styles.
    2. Umm, Zac Efron?
    3. Oh, uh, Dakota Fanning?
    4. Curtis Golden...but he wasn't too shy...?
    5. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
    6. Now this one I really don't know.
    7. Willow Smith
    8. Um, don't know this one either...
    9. Is he Michael Jackson?
    10. Niall Horan?
    11. Taylor Swift
    12. I honestly have no idea what in the world a ginger is.

    Well, those are my guesses, and I know I did poorly, but it was fun anyway :)

  5. I got this:
    1. Harry Styles
    2. Leonardo DiCaprio
    3. Emma Watson
    4. Zayn Malik
    5. Barack Obama
    6. Louis Tomlinson
    7. Rihanna
    8. Liam Payne
    9. Michael Jackson (P.S. You kind of give it away with the on it)
    10. Niall Horan
    11. Taylor Swift
    12. Rupert Grint

    So yeah, I thought that was pretty easy. Thanks for the game though!


    1. Nice! 12/12
      Ooops, didn't notice that website on there :P

  6. Okay here goes,
    1. Harry Styles
    2. Leonardo Dicaprio
    3. Emma Watson
    4. Jahmene Douglas
    5. Barac Obama
    6. Louis Tomlinson
    7. Rhianna
    8. Liam Payne
    9. Michael Jackson
    10. Niall Horan
    11. Taylor Swift
    12. Rupert Grint

    How's that?
    Marian ^_^ x

  7. This is hard. I have to guess that it's: Leo DiCaprio, Drew Barrymore, Obama, and there's that one girl I can't remember her name but looks familiar. Oh bananas, I know I failed this, LOL! But it was fun! :D

    Why are you so angry with Taylor Swift? Selena Gomez was my favorite until she changed. I'm so disappointed in her. She is following the exact same footsteps as the other... materialistic celebrities. :(

  8. 1.) No idea
    2.) Leonardo DiCaprio
    3.) Emma Watson?
    4.) Zayne.... 1D
    5.) No idea
    6.) I get the feeling it's a 1D kid, but I don't know
    7.) Rihanna
    8.) Liam Payne?
    9.)Michael jackson
    10.) Niall 1D
    11.)Taylor Swift
    12.)looks like Mickey Rooney.

    I think I got most of them... I didn't know I knew which 1D guy was which... You REALLY like them, don't you!? lol. ;)

    let me know how I did, yeah? :)

    1. You got 8/12!
      Nice and haha yes, I LOVE One Direction!

  9. #3 is the person who plays hermonie granger, #5 is barrock obama, #6 or #10 that dude from 1d whos name starts with an L.... wait you have two celebraty crushes? Who!!!!!! #7 China anne miclain? #12 Josh, my brothers friend? ;-p anyways, there are famous gingers?!?!?!?! and why are you mad at taylor swift?

  10. I don't appreciate that you didn't publish my comment. You unfairly bashed Taylor, and she deserves to be defended.

    1. I didn't publish it right away, I hope you can understand why. I was debating whether to publish it or not because for one, I didn't really know what to say, and I also wanted to think over what you said. I hope you understand that I was NOT trying to hate on your hero, it was supposed to be funny in a sarcastic type of way, but it's hard to use sarcasm on the internet.
      I hope you aren't too mad at me and I hope you can forgive me because I do consider you part of my circle of internet friends, and I just want to let you know I read your tweets. Thanks, and Emma, I won't ever hate on Taylor, it was meant to be a joke.

    2. As it is, Emma, I understand why July didn't publish your comment right off. You were pretty rude. She was being sarcastic and it was obvious. It seems a little immature to come to someone else's blog and bash their opinions.

    3. *sigh*
      This is getting blown way out of proportion, isn't it???

  11. Let's just pretend I got all of those right and call it a day. (I'm ashamed that I got the Louis one incorrect. I had no idea who that was.)

    1. SEANA JANE VIXEN! HOW COULD YOU???? AND YOU CALL YOURSELF A DIRECTIONER. Haha, lol, it's ok dearie. I forgive you.

  12. The only ones I got were Harry Styles, Michael Jackson (but only cause you said he's dead and, notably, it says on the picture) and Rupert Grint (but only cause you said he's the most awesome ginger of all time.) Reading the comments I now recognise Emma Watson, Obama and Louis... but is that really Niall??! And is THAT really Rihanna?!?! :0 :0 :0

    1. Oops about that website on there, I didn't notice that, lol!
      Yup, it's them unless Google lied to me.
      Don't they look different though???


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