"THEY Grew Up to Be THEM?" Answers

Well here's the answers!

1. This person recently dated Taylor Swift (but
that could be literally anyone because Taylor
has dated half of Hollywood and counting!)
(sorry for the rude Taylor Swift joke, I'm extremely
angry with her right now.....)
1. Harry Styles!

2. This person has been in multiple movies throughout the
years, some romantic and others action packed

2. Leonardo DiCaprio!

3. This person spent almost her entire childhood starring in
a huge success movie series
3. Emma Watson!

4. This person was on the X-Factor after his
mom made him turn the application in
because he was too shy

4. Zayn Malik!
5. Everyone in the USA should know this man
(and no, it's not Michael Jackson)

5. President Barrack Obama!

6. This kid is my celebrity crush and he loves
Power Rangers

7. Louis Tomlinson!!!

7. This person is very popular in the pop music world
and I don't agree with her wardrobe, ever

7. Rihanna!
8. This person is known as the mature one and cut his long
wavy hair really short but it's growing back

8. Liam Payne!
9. This person was very big in the music
department and is no longer living

9. Michael Jackson!
10. This person is my other celebrity crush
and he is the only one in his group to
have a brother

10. Niall Horan!!!

11. This person stepped over the line. Oh and
she also was "Too busy opening up the
Grammy's" *Psh*

11. Taylor Swift (huge thumbs down right now, sorry Emma!)
She's performing at the Grammys.
12. This person is The Ginger of all time!
12. Rupert Grint!

There you have it! Anyone surprised? Well anyone who got over 9 correct, I'll let you know in a comment following your guesses in THIS post, and those of you who want a guest post can have one! Just let me know in a comment. Thanks!


  1. I got all of them correct except for Rupert, Emma, MJ and Obama. Cool post, I am a massive Taylor Swift fan but she's being a bit scandalous of late

  2. Hey I got most of them right but my comment didn't show up........ Weird. And I thought that you didn't like Niall anymore...... I'm just depressed that I know this.......................

    1. Actually you got three right..... It's up! Check again, cause I can see it.....
      OF COURSE I LIKE NIALL! He's just not my favorite anymore :)

  3. I didn't get any.... I stink at knowing celebrities. I only knew three of them, after the answers. (two from Harry potter and the President of the U.S.)
    ~A.J. Ryan

    1. Haha, yeah, that's ok. At least you learned a few new things then!

  4. Yeah, I used to REALLY like Taylor Swift, but now she's REALLY bugging me...
    Since it's my 1 year Blog-Aversary, I wanted to stop by and thank you for being my first follower. Before you started following, I was pretty much done with blogging!
    P.S. I could tell #12 because the face looks IDENTICAL to how he looked in the first and second movies!

    1. Why's she bugging you?
      I was your first follower? :)
      Well I'm glad you stuck with it because I love hearing from you! Haha Rupert Grint is adorable!

  5. Well,I've figured out that I'm really bad with celebrities, and also mad at myself for not recognizing the President. I like Taylor Swift's country songs better than her pop songs...I take it you're not much of a fan of Taylor Swift?

    1. Haha poor you :)
      I agree with you about Taylor's country/pop thing but there are a few of her pop songs that I like too :)
      I am a fan actually, I'm not a Swifty, but I do like her music.

  6. You've been nominated! :D


  7. Hey sis. Stopping by to say hi. :)

    1. Hey sis! Hi back :) How are you?

    2. I'm okay. :) Just resting right now. I think my throat is getting better.

    3. Ok. Just resting. I think my throat is getting better.

    4. Um, you just said almost the same thing twice! Lol! Glad you're feeling better though!

  8. Haha, these sorts of things always amuse me.
    Emma Watson is so pretty!

    1. She is gorgeous :) I was sad when she cut her hair though :(

  9. Emma Watson, too beautiful for anyone's own good. Especially mine...
    PS Harry and Niall, NOMNOMNOM.

    1. Haha, lol!
      YES! I LOVE THEM! Are you going to any concerts on their tour?


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