Hello readers! So I thought I'd quick tell you what I'm doing now. I'll start with earlier we left home and traveled about 6 hours to arrive just west of the Illinois/Iowa border. We have a hotel that we can see the Mississippi River right from our window! Plus our hotel has a sweet pool, a ballroom, and a ton of other cool stuff. Tomorrow we will probably drive all day, in our new Chevy Malibu, as far as we can before we all crash. If you don't remember, our final destination is Colorado, and we are conveniently going the summer of the horrible fire and just a few days after that tragic shooting at the Dark Night whatever premiere, so we obviously didn't pick the right summer to go :/
Please pray for those people who got their lives drastically changed or ended.
Sorry this post is so dull, it's like 12 pm and I'm really tired.


  1. Have a fun safe trip. :)

    It's so horrible what happened to those innocent victims.

  2. A ballroom?! NOT FAIR! (: I've always wanted to learn ballroom dancing.

    Be fun, stay safe, and for heaven's sake don't eat too many cookies. xD.

    Love you appropriately.
    <3 Sea


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