Hey guys! Sorry for the late post, its only 9:15 in Colorado whereas it's 11:15 at home. So yesterday was my birthday you know, and I'm sure you're all wondering how it went and what I did! No you're probably not, but I'll tell you anyway! So I stayed up till 12 am on Saturday night and soaked in our jacozzi, then in the morning we went to church, it was a very strange church! I talked with my pen pal from Norway, Marietta on Skype, and then had couscous for lunch yum! Watched the Olympics, opened gifts, had icecream, played a card game, went to bed. I got a certificate to get my ears double pierced and a Barnes and Noble gift card for a ton of money from my parents. My brother kinda forgot my bday so he still needs to get me something. I'm pushing for a pair of horseshoe earrings that I saw in a little shop here, but I don't know if he caught the hint or not :( I had a good bday and now I can't wait to see what good has in store for me in this age!
Love July (who's a year older now!)


  1. Glad that you had a good birthday! Hopefully your brother will have caught the hint! I remember on my birthday my best mate bought me a pair of dangly horse shoe earrings and I loved them! xx

  2. Awesome gifts! Hope you enjoyed your birthday.

    You have a pen pal? How do I sign up for one? :)


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