The Liebster Blog Award

The Liebster Blog Award

I received the Liebster Blog Award recently from Sea J, and now I suppose I should do as the reward requires of me. So, with a leap, skip, and hop, we shall proceed.

The rules are as follows:
1. Each blogger awarded must post 10 facts about themselves.
2. Each blogger awarded must post answers to the ten questions their tagger left for them.
3. Each blogger awarded must tag ten other bloggers.
4. Each blogger awarded must then set ten questions for all the bloggers that they tag.
5.  You may not tag the person who tagged you.

Thank you Sea for this award! And please never give me one again.

Now, onto the ten facts. We shall hope I am not writhing on the floor and moaning by the time it is over.

1. I have a dog named Shirley

2. My favorite foods are cheeseburgers on the grill that my dad makes, pizza, and spaghetti with my mom's canned sauce drizzled on top

3. I have an on going list of all the books I have read

4. My little cousins are the cutest in the world

5. My favorite board games are Ticket to Ride, Hungry Hungry Hippos, and The King of Tokyo

6. I am slightly obsessed with Niall from One Direction and minty toothpaste 

7. I hate coffee breath

8. My birthday is at the end of this month

9. I have been in 3 car accidents in my life, some worse than others

10. Finally last fact! I loathe blogger awards

And to answer the questions Sea has chosen for me:

1. If you could enter the world of your favorite book, which book would you pick?
Hmm, either MDBC or The Mysterious Benedict Society because I would love to meet all the characters in each!

2. If I told you that there was a rampaging unicorn coming your way, what would you do?
I would say that unicorns are stupid but rampaging unicorns are AMAZING! Then I would catch it and make people pay like $100 dollars to see it, oh and train it for the rampaging unicorn Olympics that start on July 27

3. What do you do for fun?
Read, write, hang out with friends, oh and play with Barbies :) JK

4. Who do you consider to be your role model?
A role model? Um maybe my dog?

5. What is your favorite mythical creature?
Gryphons had always been my favorite until I met sea horses (a horse with no back legs but a mermaid tail instead and lives under water like the ones on that carousel at the mall)

6. Do you have a favorite place where you like to read, write, or do whatever it is you do?
No, I read and write wherever!

7. Do you enjoy cooking, or is it a disaster zone when you cook?
Disaster! I can't even make the break and bake cookies that all you have to do is put them in the oven... Don't even get me started on pizza....

8. What is the most frightening dream you've had?
Either that I got attacked by a bear or that I was falling off a ferris wheel and I was just hanging onto the edge and they wouldn't stop the thing to help me!

9. If you just had one day to live, what would you do?
Go on a progressive dinner to my favorite restaurants and I guess I should probably say goodbye to everybody too

10. I'd wager you're sick of answering these questions by now. What would you rather be doing?
I would rather be eating lunch or reading

As for the bloggers who win the award, I would like to present this award to whoever reads this because I love your blogs but can't put them on here because my iPod doesn't allow it for some odd reason. I hope you enjoy your award and also hope you haven't received this award before because I absolutely loathe getting the same award twice.

Here are their questions!

1. If you had to be either an elephant or a mouse, what would you rather be and why?

2. If you had to eat either reindeer hearts or whale steak which you you eat?

3. If you heard that in two days you would turn into a dwarf, how would you react?

4. Which book character (from any book) are you most like and why?

5. Where would your dream vacation be?

6. If you could invent any new product what would it be called and what would it do?

7. Would you rather compete in a hotdog eating or pie eating contest to win a trip to the Bahamas?

8. If you won a million dollars how would you spend it?

9. What would you rather do: swim with angry piranhas or eat live squid tentacles?

10. Who is your celebrity crush?

Whoever reads this please feel free to claim and leave a comment if you do accept this award so I can read yours!
Have a great Sunday! 
PS: my cousin Eliana got baptized this morning!


  1. Bahaha, I shall be sure to send you many more awards after this! >:D

  2. Do you remember the disaster zone Christine made with the pizza? xD.


  3. LOL!!

    I read it but do I have to do it? :)

  4. SO MANY INTERESTING FACTS. So little time. xD I would repost, but...really. The last one took me hours. T.T


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