Pretty Tough

Hey guys! I thought I'd try out a new and quicker way of book reviews today! Tell me how you like the format or if you would rather have me do the normal way.

TITLE: Pretty Tough

AUTHOR:  Liz Tigelaar

: Two high school sisters who are virtually enemies must work together on the soccer team. The younger sister Charlie, a surfer and tomboy, costs Krista, the older sister and popular bossy girl, her place as the senior team captain and the team pays for their awful cooperation on the field. Their new coach tells them to pick it up or they're both off the team. But can both girls learn to become friends in time for the team to start winning?

GOOD STUFF: Heartfelt, gripping, inspirational, appreciating your family while they're still around, celebrating sisterhood

BAD STUFF: there are a some mild, but very inappropriate parts that you need to watch out for, some language

RATING (out of ten): 8.5 because over all the parts that I disapproved of, it had a great lesson in the end and was an enjoyable read for me

RECOMMENDED READERS: depending on who you are as a reader, I would say 
8th - 11th grades would be able to read this and
understand all the themes



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