Hello fellow bloggers and other faithful followers! I have finally finished Eragon! It seemed to take me forever! I think that was because I wasn't really into it. Anyway, here's my review.

TITLE: Eragon

AUTHOR: Christopher Paolini

SYNOPSIS: Eragon, a 15 year old boy living with his uncle and cousin, finds a blue stone while hunting and takes it home thinking it might be worth something. His family is poor so he wants to sell the stone for meat or anything! But one night, a baby dragon emerges from the stone, and Eragon is dubbed a Rider. So when his uncle is killed by the Ra'zac who is searching for his dragon, Eragon is filled with grief, anger, and hunger for revenge. Eragon sets out with Saphira (who is the last dragon egg to hatch) and Brom, a man who hikes along. Soon, Eragon is being trained by Brom as a swordsman, to read, and to do magic. Can Eragon and Brom find the Ra'zac before the Ra'zac finds them? Meanwhile, the Varden and the evil king, Galbatorix who was once a rider but turned on them, are competing for Eragon's loyalty.

GOOD STUFF: Loyalty, friendship, family relationship, magical

BAD STUFF: War, revenge, killing, brief language, slightly confusing at some points

RATING: 8 because I felt like the author was trying to fit way to much into one book

RECOMMENDED READERS: I actually read this when I was 10-ish and loved it but it depends on what kind of reader you are. When I read it again this spring break, I wasn't into it as much but it was still good. My brother who is a sophomore in high school loves the whole series and my cousin who is a senior in high school loved them too, so I can't really give a specific age on this one.

COMPANION BOOKS: Eldest, Brisingr, Inheritance (Eragon is before all of those and I haven't read any of the others for a while)

I read the first, second, and part of the third a long time ago but gave up on it in the middle because it was a little boring for me. I do plan to finish the series at some point but right now I have to take a break from them to read other things.


  1. You spoke on age limits. The official range is 14+, but I think this is a bit high for the first book. The first book only, however; through the second book, it gets much more gory and graphic in its battle scenes, though the story still moves along. I'm tempted to write a crushing review of this series as I'm doing with the Hunger Games, but I don't want to reread it just yet.
    So anyway, I think Eragon is fine for tweens and teens alike, but as you go on in the series it grows more toward older readers.

    1. I really enjoyed the first and second when I was younger but I totally agree, about the next books on. They do get a lot more gruesome... I also think though it depends on who you are. Like if you are a sensitive, caring teen (not saying that I'm not!) you probably wouldn't want to read this right now until you can handle it.

    2. By the way, I've been meaning to ask you, what's a phil?

  2. My mom loves all of these books. My brother wanted her to read them(he's 16). And he agreed that if my mom read this series and liked it that he would read the hunger games.


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