Big Brown & nothing else.

Hey guys! I just thought I'd tell you that Big Brown............ (insert drumroll here as Sea would say)......... was adopted!
Happy. Sad. Bittersweet.
Good luck in the real world Big Brown. I love you
 and I'll always be thinking of you and searching
for you! I WILL see you again some day!
My family just found out that Big Brown is now owned by someone from Chicago (I don't know who). He is now a professional frisbee dog and I know he's enjoying it. All the time we had him, he always would bring you a tennis ball or rope toy for you to throw it to him. What irks me most is that we were not even contacted to say goodbye and we had no idea that When we had to give him up in October, I promised him that I would see him again some day (I know that sounds super sappy but I really miss him!) so if you know a chocolate lab who lives in Chicago who is a frisbee dog, let me know.

Please know that Big Brown is not his real name 
but I had to change it to conceal my identity
as an aspiring author but now, as I am in
a desperate search to at least see him
even if it is in a picture, can reveal
to you his real name:

I'll be searching for you Rocky! Please let me know if you think you know him!


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