Whose Brainchild Are You?

Hey guys! I haven't done a post like this for a while, so one is long overdue!

Anywho, I found a quiz on the internet that explains why you act in certain ways in terms of your brain, and then tells you what famous people you are the brainchild of and why. When I saw this quiz I was kind of like "this is really weird but I'll try it," and after taking it and reading what it had to say about me, I was like "oh my word, this is totally me!"
I don't know if this is interesting to you guys or not, but it kind of amazed me how well it could describe me. I think it's cool to find out what famous minds are similar to mine.

I got Ludwig Mozart (a mixture of Mozart and Beethoven) as my brain-parents which I thought was kind of awesome because both of them were very famous musicians and I am very musically influenced in life.

If you guys want to take the quiz, click HERE, but don't forget to come back and tell me in a comment who your brain-parents are and whether or not you agree with what the website said about you and your brain!

That's all I have for tonight guys, and I'm sorry this is such a short post. I literally have 14 unfinished posts in my drafts that I'll hopefully be putting up soon.
Also, if you want to enter my contest (which I would REALLY appreciate), click HERE for information.

Mischief Managed!


  1. I got Abraham Dickinson - Abraham Lincoln and Emily Dickinson.

  2. So super interesting, will try it out!

    1. Cool! Who did you get as your "brain-parents?"

  3. I got Isaac of Arc, which I think by the description is rather accurate. I've been racking my brain for ideas for your contest but I'm finding it hard to think of a good idea to write about. I still want to do it though, I've been searching for inspiration.

    1. That's awesome! And it's ok, I totally understand. You still have plenty of time to enter if you still wanted to :)

  4. I got:
    You are the #brainchild of

    Isaac of Arc

    You get your introverted side from both Isaac Newton, the famous physicist and mathematician, and Joan of Arc, the bold, fearless French heroine.

    You're intellectually curious but rational, and can sometimes have neurotic tendencies due to your intense dedication to your work; you get these traits from Isaac Newton.

    However, you balance these Type A personality traits with a positive outlook and endless energy, thanks to Joan of Arc, which makes you an intense but inspiring person to be around.

    That's right, my brain mothers a Heroine! From France! And my dads some genius guy.

  5. Gah, I went onto it but it didn't work because I'm using Safari and it suggested Chrome and Firefox for some reason?

    Anyway, congrats on Ludwig Mozart c;

    Little Moon Elephant

    1. Oh no! Sorry about that... I'm not sure why that's a problem.
      Thanks anyway :)

  6. Apparently, I am Vincent Van Beethoven. Which means that I am introverted, musical, energetic, moody, and a perfectionist. And I have a great eye for detail. (Which I actually do not have. Whoops) It was fun to do!

    ~D. Skye <3

  7. I got Issac of Arc. Issac Newton and Joan of Arc

  8. I got Abraham and Dickinson

    Abraham Dickinson

    You're a sociable, inwardly-powerful introvert who's dedicated to your work and hobbies. You share your introversion and conscientiousness with Emily Dickinson, the brilliant 19th-century poet, and your drive with Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, who led the U.S. through the Civil War.

    If you harness your potential, your impact on the larger world will be powerful.

    Michelangelo Lincoln

    You're a pure optimistic who highly values confidence in yourself and others, and have an attention to detail that sets you apart from other dreamers. You get both of these qualities from Abraham Lincoln, the revered, 16th President of the United States who led the U.S. through the Civil War and ultimately abolished slavery. You're also full of curiosity, energy and imagination; you get these traits from Michelangelo, the Renaissance-era Italian sculptor, painter, architect, poet, and engineer.

    Your confidence, optimism and focus might make you intimidating to be around, but for those who can handle it, your personality is contagious.


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