February 20, 2015

July, Andre, and the "Most Likely To" Challenge!

Hello everyone! It's been so long since I've done a post on here, so today, I thought I'd share with you guys a video that my friend Andre and I made. 
Who is Andre? I'm glad you asked. Andre is a good friend of mine from school, who is also a new blogger here in the blogosphere! Her blog is full of poetry, thoughts about life, and other random things that will just make you laugh. I know it would really mean a lot to her if you followed her blog, Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust, and you can find that if you click HERE. Tell her I sent you!

Also, make sure you watch our video! Hopefully you get to know us a little better, and I hope that we were able to make you laugh a little bit too. As you can probably tell after watching the video, our friendship is pretty dysfunctional, but I love it!

And for those of you who can't see the video embedded into this post, HERE's a link that will take you to YouTube. 

Thank you all so much for watching, I hope you enjoyed it! Also, I am still accepting entries for my contest, so click HERE for information on that.
Mischief Managed,


  1. Thanks so much July you're so great! Yeah I try to make my blog a lot of fun so I hope you like it. I do not blog as much as July, but I will try to keep you posted on what's happening in my life.

  2. I forgot to add that I LOVE the new background.

  3. I enjoyed watching your video, LOL! (Zooms in on July's reaction) I'll check out Andres blog and tell her you sent me. Later Sis! ❤️

  4. YOU'RE AMERICAN. I think I already knew that but you hAVE A REALLY STRONG ACCENT! You've probably said somewhere but is it Californian or Alabaman or??

    Also, totally unrelated, but have you ever been to Oregon?

    Little Moon Elephant

    1. Yes I certainly am American, but actually, I'm from the mitten state, Michigan :) Do I really have that strong of an accent? I feel like I sound pretty average.... haha. Hopefully it's a good kind of strong, and not too hard to understand?

      And no, I haven't been there! But a few years ago I wouldn't stop begging my parents to take me there because I really wanted to meet my old pen pal who lives in Oregon. Sadly, we never got to go because Oregon is over 30 hours (by car) away from where I am in Michigan, but I still want to go someday!
      Why do you ask?

  5. Hey! New reader! I adore the video! I love those masks. ^.^

    xoxo MorningTime4


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