Random Friday: Childhood Memories

Hello everyone! It's May. May 2, to be exact, but it surely doesn't feel like it! I have less than a month until final exam week. Wow.
Anyway, every Friday, Emma from Awkwardly Emma hosts Random Fridays! Anyone can participate, so visit Emma's blog for details :) This week's theme is childhood memories and since I just finished writing a piece about my childhood in Spanish like five minutes ago, I'm going to share that with you (along with a rough translation for those of you who don't speak Spanish, heehee).
Ohhh, and if you do speak Spanish, please keep in mind that Spanish is not my native language and I'm only in Español 2 in school.
Since this is about my childhood, I'm talking about things that happened frequently, so I use the imperfect past tense verbs. Just thought you might like to know that, haha. I also included some pictures so you all wouldn't be so bored, lol.

Cuando yo era niña, yo lo pasaba bien. Tenía dos conejitos negros se llamaban Oreo y Pepper.  Cada invierno, mi hermano y yo construíamos casas pequeñas de nieve para nuestras conejitos. 


Con mis tia y mis primos, iba a Chicago cada verano para ir a la museo de ciencia y industria. Viajábamos en el tren. 


Mi familia íbamos a Pennsylvania para visitar mi tio y tia en State College. Iba a Mundo de Hershey. 

También, mi familia íbamos a un lago cada verano y yo nadaba y pescaba, y nosotros teníamos un fuego cada noche. Mi hermano y yo jugábamos Captura la Bandera con todos los otros chicos y chicas.


Miraba muchas peliculas de Disney. Mi favorita era Lady and the Tramp porque me gustaba perros mucho. Jugaba con Legos y Chicas de Americanas. Quería un caballo cada año para mi cumpleaños, pero no recibía.

And the translation....
When I was little, I always had a good time. I had two black bunnies called Oreo and Pepper. Every winter, my brother and I would build little houses of snow for our bunnies. With my aunt and cousins, I went to Chicago every summer to go to the Museum of Science and Industry. We traveled on a train. My family went to Pennsylvania to visit my uncle and aunt in State College. I went to Hershey World. Also, my family went to a lake every summer and I swam and fished, and we had a fire every night. My brother and I played Capture the Flag with all of the other boys and girls. I watched many Disney movies. My favorite was Lady and the Tramp because I loved dogs a lot. I played with Legos and American Girls (I don't know how to say "dolls" in Spanish...) I always wanted a horse every year for my birthday, but I never got one.

So there you have it. My childhood in two languages! If you could read the Spanish, kudos to you, and if you're a native speaker, I'm curious as to how I did. Let me know in the comments! Also, what kinds of things did you do in your childhood? Anything similar to mine?
Mischief Managed,


  1. Tu espanol es mejor than me jajjjaja .:D espanol es muy favorit lengua en el mundo. Japon as well haha sorry I mixed every language here.
    it sounds you had so much fun with your big family. Gracias por visitar mi blog. I'm glad that I could encourage you.


    1. Gracias, jaja! It's ok, I know exactly what you said :)
      De nada! Thanks for visiting mine back! :) Dios te bendiga!

  2. Wow, you were so into it, it's almost like I knew Oreo and Pepper and went to the American girl store, Lego store and museum of science and industry with you ;p oh, wait............

    1. Hahaha, yes, yes. I'll write you into it next time :P

  3. Puedo leer el espanol! Soy muy ... OK I don't know the word for 'proud'. BUT STILL. Go Spanish students! :D

    1. Hables español también? Qué divertido! (oh wow, I haven't used the present tense forever...). OOH! Sé la palabra "proud"! Es "orgulloso." Yo aprendí (esa palabra?) en mi clase de español. Sorry, my Spanish isn't that good yet, but I try! Haha.

    2. As do I, July, as do I! My exam is tomorrow actually ..... LOL why I am Blogger, LOL this is really not lol at all! Yikes!!!

    3. Ohh! Good luck! Thankfully, I got part of mine done today, but the rest isn't until next Tuesday! Do you know if you're in Spanish 1, 2, 3, 4, or AP Spanish?


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