I really am drawing a blank on what to call this post

Hey y'all! I know this is a super duper lame excuse, but I've been so busy and not able to really read or comment on any of y'all's blogs :( It's just with high school starting and all..... Plus I've joined the musical and International Club! And I've just been plain tired lately cause this weekend I developed a particularly nasty cold. Ick.

Anyway, so onto the real content of this post! Note: These last few posts have just been updates on my life, but I hope to post more fun stuff once I get into the hang of things with school and all :) Thanks for being so patient!

In late August my school had tryouts for the musical, Fiddler on the Roof! I tried out, and made the chorus, so that basically means I sing and dance back ground. I'm really excited and the singing is super fun, but the dancing is a little hard sometimes. I'll get through it though :)
I spent almost the whole day last Saturday at school on a musical retreat where we learned four new songs including "Tradition", "The Dream", "Sabbath Prayer", and one other one that is totally slipping my mind right now!
I think the performances are a week before Thanksgiving and I'm really hoping they go well :) We have a couple of months to practice so I think we'll be fine ;)

On top of that, I joined my schools International Club with Christine which is basically a group of people mostly exchange students (but there are also American students) who get together and learn about different cultures and make food and do other super fun things! We're planning on having a Halloween party, participate in entertainment night (otherwise known as the talent show), go bowling, possibly paint balling, SuperBowl party, and other fun stuff like that. I'm excited!
This Saturday, we are having a Korean food making day at somebody's house, but the dilemma is that on Saturday we're going to an indoor trampoline place with my youth group and I really want to go. Plus it's also my mom and dad's birthday on Saturday and it would be kind of rude to totally ditch them all day for International Club and Youth Group. Ug.

Ok so I've got a really off track thing to share with you about youth group! This Sunday we went to the local mission where families can stay while they try to get their lives back on track. It was really fun because my group got to have a little "kids club" for any kids who got dropped off in the chapel by their parents and they were wild! Haha, it was a really good time.
When we got back to my church, we talked about our experiences and one of the girls (a senior like my brother named Erica) said that she saw a girl there named CiCi who went to my old elementary school. After Erica and Cici's fifth grade year, CiCi dropped out and went to a public school. They hadn't had any contact for years, but Erica recognized her, said hi, and I guess they talked for a few minutes. Erica found out that at 18 years old, CiCi was married and already had two kids. While Erica was walking away, she thought she saw tears of embarrassment in her eyes :(
Wow. I was pretty shocked. I guess that's just a reminder that everyone is living a different lifestyle and I can't really judge because I don't know the circumstances. Easier said than done.

Me about the Europe trip :'(

Alright, back on track y'all.
So on my school's daily announcements for the past week, there has been something about a trip to Europe!! I really wanted to go, but was already a little bit doubtful that it could be an opportunity for me because most trips like that cost a lot. I just decided to look up the information on it and it sounded SO FUN! It's a 15 day trip this coming June starting in London for a few days, then to Paris, then to the Swiss Alps, and finally to Rome. I can't give tons of details cause that would take forever but after reading that summary of the trip, I really wanted to go.
I checked the price and my heart immediately fell. I was expecting the trip to be around $2,500 but no. It was a whooping $4,100.
Let's just say that's a little bit out of my family's reach at the moment.

Finally! I promised my sis, Hilda, that I would tell you all this! She is having a giveaway of two signed copies of her book The Invisible Spy! 
She already sent me a copy last winter because she found it in her loving heart to do so, and I read it, promised I would do a review and totally forgot. I'm planning on finishing my current series, then rereading that so I can finally review it! I feel awful :'(
Also, please take time to read Hilda's blog because I think you'll find awesome posts that you'll enjoy! She often posts for your entertainment, book reviews, and things that will make you think.
Please help her out and let everyone know about her contest! You can enter HERE.

Sorry I didn't have time to proof read this and I'm just gonna post it! Sorry for any errors!

Mischief Managed!


  1. Awww sis, thank you so much!! Don't feel bad. I feel bad, I should have thought much better than let my depression get the best of me. :'( sorry sis!

    What a wonderful post! i'm happy you have so much fun stuff going on. but I do hope your cold doesn't last. Get well, sis! Gah, I don't know what to say but thanks and you made my day!! BIG HUGS!!! God bless you always.

    Love, sis! ❤

    1. Aww sis!! don't say that! We all need to have our moments to rant and I know everyone feels like that sometimes. Don't feel bad at all for posting that!

      Sadly my cold is getting worse and I feel soooo horrible :/ I'll survive though :P
      And I appreciate you so much sis! <3

  2. If you want to go to Europe, how about having a... What's it called? i've seen some people on other blogs put up a button to send money for your cause. Here's an example. This person has a button on the right so people can help her go to Africa for mission work. Click "Amy in Uganda". i don't know how that works but it would be fun if you could do that so you can go to Europe. If you don't earn the rest of the money before then, you can keep the money. Just let the people know that. ;) I would be more than happy to give. Only I don't have a lot but I'd be happy togive what I can.

    1. That is a pretty good idea, but I don't know how to set one of those up! Maybe I'll have to do some research on it :)
      The only problem with telling them that is that we have to pay a monthly amount of $500 until the trip.
      I emailed the lady running the trip and she said if it doesn't work this year, I can go on the Europe trip next year and somehow it's cheaper next year.... don't know why! So maybe I'll consider that one :)
      Great suggestions!! I definitely did not think of those :) Thank you!

  3. Hey, can I read it when you're done? And since you have to go to your international clubs Super Bowl and Halloween party's, next year you have to go with me, by like the best friend code or something ;p

    1. Sure! Or you could enter Hilda's contest :)

      Haha we'll see ;P

  4. I did. Yay. And you'd better -.- ;p

    1. Good!! And hahahaha!! I wish you went to my school


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