Hi everyone. It's currently 1:12 AM and I'm lying in bed, the darkness covering me like a hot, thick blanket, and my little black furball of a dog is snuggled up next to me. Wow that sentence took me just under two minutes to write.... Guess the brain functions differently when it's late.
My emotions are all over the board right now. I feel like I wanna scream, jump, cry, laugh, run, and do so many other things right now. Guess Taylor was right, "We're happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time" and it truly is miserable and magical at the very same time. Taylor Swift must have been under the same spell I am when she wrote that song, ha. Why am I saying ha? It wasn't even remotely funny lol. Yeah, I'm not even laughing out loud right now, don't wanna wake anyone up. I don't know why I feel so demented right now but maybe it's because I've never been to the east coast. I've never been to Disney World but I'm so in love with Disney it's not fair. I've never been to Mexico. I'll never meet One Direction. I've never swam in the ocean.
But I have been to many places including Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, South Dakota, Nebraska, Utah, Montana, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Tennasee, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and of course my home state (also the hidden jewel of the USA) Michigan. I've visited so many other places in books. I've done so much in books and experienced so many things. I'm getting a foster dog tomorrow! Well I guess that's today now, since technically we're an hour and twenty seven minutes (at the time I'm writing this) into Tuesday, July 16. I'm seeing Ed Sheeran tomorrow, on July 17, 2013, at 5:00 pm Eastern time. I might be going to Chicago for my birthday on July 29. I'm getting my braces off on July 22!! And last of all, I have many good friends who care about me in real life and online. And now I need to stop writing because its getting late and I need to get me some shut-eye. And just for documentary purposes (ha) it is now 1:31 AM.


  1. Hehe. I know exactly how you feel. Miserable and Magical oh-oooo-yaaaaah. It's a weird feeling.

    Wow, you've been all over America. Whoa.

    You have braces?! How exciting to be getting them off. My sister hated hers.

    1. Yup I had braces!! I was a little nervous that it would hurt but it didn't hurt that much :P Did you ever have them?

    2. Oh good.

      No, I never had them. lol My dentist thinks I have movie star teeth. LOL. :D I'm just really lucky

    3. WHAT? No fair! Haha. I am actually jealous of people who never had to have them because everyone who gets braces's teeth look exactly the same.

  2. You're seeing...you're seeing...Ed Sheeran...I just...I don't...I can't...no...why...no...I can't...what? What? No. I just...no.

    1. Um..... maybe...... I..... Kinda..... well..... Yeah I saw...... Ed......
      Hahaha I got to see him cause he came to somewhere somewhat close to me and I got really cheap tickets (like $10) and it was amazing. I can't believe he came to a small town (well, it is the biggest place around here but compared to Detriot it's tiny!) in Michigan..... Think of all the places in the whole USA.......


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