Tubesday-- Try by Colbie Caillat

Haiii everyone! July here. This is a quick post because my friend Raven and her mom are just about to pick me and my mom up for blueberry picking today. I'm hoping to tell you about my vacation and update you on my robotics team's IRI results sometime later this week. If not, you'll see it early next week! 

So this weeks Tubesday is another music video, and if you don't watch any other music video, please watch this one! It portrays an amazing message through the lyrics and visuals. 
I love you beautiful people!


  1. I absolutely love that song/video and Colbie Caillat's music in general. She's such a beautiful girl and I love that she tries to help everyone feel comfortable with who they are under all of the makeup and clothes. :)

    1. I know, right? She put out a very encouraging video :)

  2. My IPad sucks and won't let me see the video :/

    But have fun blueberry picking!

    Amy // The Blog Hermit

    1. Awww *frowny face!*
      Thanks! It was very fun, and yummy of course.


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