Tubesday: Love Is an Open Door- the best lip sync ever!

Happy Tubesday! So basically I've been obsessed with the movie Frozen lately and I stumbled upon this video on YouTube and thought I should share it for those of you who are just as crazy about the movie as me. I just love how intense the parents are, and then there's the little girl in the backseat who could care less that her mom and dad are being ridiculously hilarious in the front seat. If you don't do anything else today, at least watch this video. 
Mischief managed,


  1. mehh my stupid ipad wont let me watch it! could you post the link?

    also, i just tagged you! at

    1. Ohh, that's sad! Sure, I'll put it at the bottom of this comment :)
      And thank you sooo much! I really appreciate this :) I'll try to do it if I have time, lol.

  2. That is actually the best thing ever, I love how the child is in the back just bobbing along! Very talented lip synch-ers, those two. I was a bit worried though that he should be watching the road!! :L

    1. Yes, yes, I know! I could never do any type of lip-sync that well, especially while driving! And yeah, you're probably right about that. Thank goodness he didn't crash or anything, haha.


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