I'm BACK!!!

Hey girlies! I'm like finally back! First day of school was yesterday :( but today we got our laptops back so I'm back to blogging! I'm sorry I don't have much time today, but I promise I will do all the girl advice stuff and answer all the other questions I got in emails this summer. I appreciate your patience with that though. And thanks for emailing me! It means a lot and lets me know that y'all care about me too!

News about school: I like my teachers, but my class is sort of an odd mix if you know what I mean... we got all the misfits I guess, and all the really quiet people.

AWWW! Just a random pic that I thought was cute!
Before summer was over, I posted a list of what I wanted to do this summer... guess how much of it I actually did? Yeah, if you guessed almost none, you were correct! This is sort of a random post, I'll be skipping around a bit here. My apologies! I watched AGT of course which is still going on. Tonight they reveal who moves on to the finals... I like almost every act though!!! I also went to that career thing that my mom signed me up for and that was kind of fun too I guess. I did soccer camp and music camp which were both really fun too! And..... (drumroll please!) I went to CO and was there on my bday, July 29! Yes I was named after my birth month. Dorky, I know. That was pretty fun! I got my ears double pierced, and my brother did pick up the hint about the horseshoe earrings! Yaya!
And the grand finale: I read. A lot. I only did one book review if I can recall correctly, and I'm sorry about that. It's just a pain to type out a whole book review on my little ipod. I will review a lot of them this year though! And now I am dogsitting a dog named Chloey, same name as Sea's dog Chloe, just spelled differently. She's a yorkie! Adorable!

I also apologize for not being able to comment on your blogs! There is a glitch on my ipod that doesn't allow me to comment on anyone's blogs, not even my own. I will be better about that now that I have my laptop to do it on!

With Tubesdays... please give me your feedback or videos that you want me to post for it! I have PLENTY of funny one's but I'll run out sooner or later. Do you guys even watch the videos? Tell me if you don't, I won't be offended, but if you don't I'll do a poll to see if people even want to do that. Get my drift?  Ok. I must go now, I'll do a book review, girl advice, or answer some of your random questions ASAP! I promise... possibly later tonight, but I'm not sure if I'll have time yet.
Ok! Love y'all appropriately (that's something Christine's youth paster says and I think it's funny!),
JULYABELLE oops caps lock...


  1. First of all, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! I hope you had a fun day. Did you get any presents? :)

    I guess it's better that your classroom is quiet like that. Better than having annoying students who bug others. ;)

    Thank you for commenting on my blog. So glad you are back! Hope your summer was great. If you need the links to my paperback book, let me know.

    I left you a comment but pasted it here in case you don't see it on my blog.

    LOL, Hi July! :) Omg, yes, it is also available in paperback, no worries. I included the links on my website if you want to order them online. Up to you. :)


    I would so love that! Please please let me know when you write the review. I'm so grateful to you. You made my day! :)

    1. Thanks for the birthday wish! I got my ears double pierced, earrings, Barnes and Nobles gift card, and money. I will buy your book if there is anything left on the B&N gift card after I buy the books I've been saving up for forever! Can't wait to read it! I actually really liked my class last year. We were really loud and wild, but we were practically like a family and felt totally comfortable together. This year it's a bit awkward. Thanks so much for letting me know about the details of your book! Much appreciated! Just an FYI, I may not get to the review for a while because I first have to get the book from somewhere whether I buy it or find it at the library, and then I have to get through a whole list of books before I can even read it. Can't wait though!

  2. You are very welcome, and no pressure about getting my book. Whenever you want to. :)

    You liked your class last year? That sounds fun!

  3. 1st off ur lucky 2 go 2 that school. i have 2 go 2 a school where every1 gets under my skin min their own individual ways (so basicly like 3 years younger versions of my brothers friends ;) 2ndly how long do u have chloey? cause i must meggie

    1. I'm not sure how long I'll have Chloey yet... her owner had double knee replacement so it could be a while, but she originally thought only two weeks. But it could be one-ish more week. I'm not sure. ;)

  4. YES!!! YOU"RE BACK!!! I'm so happy it's sad. :P.

    1. Haha lol! I'm backkkkk!!!! I read everybody's blog every single day of the summer, but I couldn't comment... now that's sad... ;)


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