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Oh Me, Oh My

Hey faithfuls,

Today I'm home from school with a worse sore throat and cough than I've had all weekend. Can't forget an uber runny nose as well. Well, gotta go have some more soup and cough medicine.


Hello Everyone! I'm still sniffling, but not quite so bad :) Today I'm gonna do a little thing called Q&A where you ask the questions and I give you the answers. My first question is from Kara Tucker from Ontario. Thanks for speaking up Kara. 
Q. How do I get my book published?
A. That is a great question Kara! I really love your enthusiasm to write just like me! Some websites you can go to to get your book published and Another way to get a story or article published is by visiting Teen Ink website
or checking out A Teen's Guide to Getting Published by: Jessica and Danielle Dunn from your local library. Both of those places have some juicy stuff. I know you'll find what your looking for!
If you want to submit a question you can do that two ways. You can comment on my comment wall or you can email me at Make sure you ask your parents before you ask me anything just to be safe!
Love a…

Cough, Cough

Hey. *sniffle* *blows nose*.  Ug. I have a cold and I've been coughing, sniffling, and had a sore throat. Save me!!! Wish me luck.
Julya(cough cough)belle

Opening LINES!!!

Ello Mates!
Today I'm gonna give you the opening lines from my book, Stephie. I hope you like it! Ok, here goes nothing...

Chapter 1 I looked up at the big blue sky above me and listened to the rushing of the Anna River beside me when I felt a hand clamp onto my upper-arm. I was whipped around and saw a face with a shaggy beard and rough looking face, he jammed his hand over my mouth and was beginning to drag me away toward his rusty Chevy truck. I was kicking and screaming with all my might but my cries were muffled by the gloved hand of the strange lout. As he began to thrust me into the vehicle like a pile of wet blankets...
Suspenseful huh? Well, too bad that you're gonna have to wait 'till it comes out!!! Love, Julyabelle PS: Do you think that this dude is hot? My best friend Christine says he's hot.

Camouflage Me!

Hey faithful readers, so get this... today I get a membership to a local sports training place... no biggie you might think, but no... this had to be the day that the 7th grade boys basketball team was there. It was aaaacward! I was just like hide me... because they were all looking at me. Ugg. Save me... Anyway I just thought I'd tell you that. I've gotta run because I have a band/choir concert tonight. Plus I have to fit my spanish homework in... "La Paloma y la Luna..." fun... See ya!
(That is the actual spelling of it!)


What is up readers? Are you pumped, like I am, for, um... well... I don't really know. As many of you know I love reading. That's why I'm blogging. Today I'm gonna give you a list of books that I would suggest to you. Some of them I have blogged about before and some I will do in the future. These are all books that I know and love and I KNOW that you'll love them too.

The Mysterious Benedict Society (four book series)
Canterwood Crest (twelve book series with more coming)
First Boy
The Hidden series
The House on the Gulf
Double Identity
The Mother Daughter Book Club (five book series with more coming)
39 Clues
Jesus Calling Devotional
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Nobody's Princess
Animal Farm
Shooting the Moon
Harry Potter (seven book series)
Amelia Bedelia
Junie B. Jones
A Dog Named Kitty

Pick some books off and then make a goal for yourself to see when you can read them by.

It's been WAY to long!

Hey everyone! I haven't been reading a lot of book lately so I thought I better read one quick to keep you amused. Last week was my last week of tennis. Sadly, the last three days got cancelled, thank you Mr. Rain. My foster dog, Big Brown, had to go back a few days ago. I was sad. That is what he looked like...
he has to get surgery and I am bugging my mom to let us get him back after his surgery is done and he is recovered.
Today I think I'll share a snippet of my book, Stephie, with you. If you other name suggestions for me, def post them. I think Stephie is kinda boring. Anyway, now to the juicy stuff you've all been waiting for! The character I would like to share will you today is named... "Mr. Tills." Mr. Tills is the janitor at Greenville academy. He is an old man with bad hearing who is always listening to his ipod. You ALWAYS have to repeat every thing you say a few times so he can hear it. That's it for today, so yeah.

Today's book is called &q…


Hey Faithful Readers!

How are you? Today I made applesauce with my family. It tasted really good but then my mom had to ruin it by putting in a whole bunch of cinnamon sugar rubbish. She also made me make apple pie with her, although I'm not sure that's all a bad thing either. I went to a local store today and bought fifteen books for 25 cents each. I have a ton of reading to do. I promise I'll be blogging about those soon. Right now I am reading Uncle Tom's Cabin for a long distance book club I'm doing with my aunt Joni. I is actually in the adult section of the library, so I would get a parent's ok before you break into it. I
don't know if you've heard about this but I'll tell you anyway. In G.R. (Grand Rapids) there is this thing called art prize. It is where a whole bunch of artists submit their art to see who wins the million dollar prize. There were two in the top ten that I thought could win. But I had my favorite! My favorite was called "…

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

Hey Everyone!
Here is what I did today.
Woke up
Did chores
Watched TV
Played on my laptop
Took Big Brown and Shirley for a walk
Ate pizza for lunch
Mowed Lawn
Went to my favorite store (I won't mention the name because it is a local store)
Ate burgers
Went to the mall
Bought earrings, Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer (I LOVE THAT STUFF) (Plum, Orchard Leaves, Apple Carmel Latte, Black Cherry, and Ocean Blossom), and Bath & Body Works air freshener (Spiced Cider) (It was on sale, 50% off, if you were wondering). The only sad part was that the Black Cherry hand sanitizer smelled like cough syrup (in other words, DON'T BUY IT!) and my earrings wouldn't open and close right.
Went to Walmart
Came home
Got in comfy clothes
Ate snack
Blogging right not
And I will go to bed soon. Don't worry.

We have school off Thursday and Friday for teacher's convention so I am really happy. Also I would appreciate prayers for my dad because he is going on a mission trip to Alabam…

Nobody's Princess

Hey Everyone!
Yesterday I played tennis with a girl named Cassandra. We won 6 to 2!!! Yay us! Our tennis season is almost done though, so I am sad about that. Big Brown, my foster dog, has a surgery at the end of this month so I would appreciate some prayers for him. Today I'll give you a snippet of a character in my story. Her name is Airy Pitts. Get it???

My book for you today is called Nobody's Princess
By: Esther Friesner

It is about a princess named Helen who hates being a princess, but wants to be a warrior instead. She sneaks down to train with her brothers dressed as a boy and so Glaccus agrees to train her. Then she finds out that her sister is getting married and goes with her to the palace for a celebration. After that she goes to a city that is being attacked by a giant boar. Helen meets a warrior named Atlanta (who is a girl also). Anyway it is a really thick plot with lots of twists and turns that will keep you turning pages the whole night through! Just a warnin…


Hey Dudes!
I now own HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS! I'm about halfway through. It is the BEST BOOK EVER! I will totally blog on it as soon as I am done with it. If you want to know about the first book in the series, you can copy and paste this link into your search bar
and Seana has blogged on it in the past.

Don't be afraid to speak up on my comment wall! What are you all thinking about my blog? Are there any books you want me to read? Or any suggestions to blog about? Sometimes I'll have Random answer days and answer some of the many questions I've been getting. If you have a question about something you can reach me at
I would LOVE to hear from you!
See ya L8tr!

*Sniffle, Sniffle*

Readers! Hey! Good to see ya. Sorry I haven't blogged lately. I've been really busy with tennis and all. Today, I'm just gonna talk. If your wondering why the title is *Sniffle, Sniffle* then your in luck. I'll tell you. Well, I've been waiting YEARS for The Mother Daughter Book Club book 5, Home for the Holidays, to come out and it was supposed to come out on October 4, but our B&N doesn't have it yet. Humph. I can't wait. The Mother Daughter Book Club is one of my favorite series. So I've been quite busy with tennis the past few weeks. What's everyone else playing?  Got to Roll! Julyabell