Last soccer game: results!

Hey everyone! Yesterday I mentioned our last soccer game and it turns out, we won! Last time we played that team they smashed us, but this time we won 3:1! I was really happy and all. But my friend Emaline got headed in the face and today at school she had a big black and blue mark around her eye from it... It was really fun though and at the end of the game we got a big Gatorade and a very nice card that she wrote specifically for all of us. I'm kinda sad that the season is done and can't wait for next year! Thankfully this summer I'll be doing a soccer camp with the 8th grade coach and another great teacher Mr. Angler. I can't wait but sadly Christine is not doing it with me because she doesn't want to improve her skills. Actually she had another excuse, which I thought was kinda lame (no offense Christine) but it's too long to type out. Who else played sports this year and how did you all do?
My brother is in high school and he got his year book a couple days ago... I looked for the girl's hockey (my favorite sport) picture, BUT THEY ONLY HAVE GUYS HOCKEY! I'm sooooo mad! Ugh. I'll just have to find another team somewhere. My dream is to be on the USA Olympic ice hockey team.... BUT THAT CAN'T HAPPEN IF I DON'T PLAY ON A TEAM FIRST! Sorry, you can see that I really want to play on a team. Ok before I bore you more with my sports life, I should go work on a math lesson.


  1. Aye, I'll give you my sympathies, although I don't play the sport of hockey myself. Can't really see me, who enjoys doing intricate hairstyles and wants to learn ballroom dancing, lacing up some hockey skates, putting on the hockey gear and running out on the ice to smash a puck around, desperately trying not to get run over. And, of course, since this is me, I'd get run over in a heartbeat.
    <3 Sea

  2. Congrats on winning the game! Tell your friend I know what she feels--basketball to the face. NOT FUN!
    No girls hockey team? Total Cassidy moment! Sorry, that was the first thing that came to mind :P. You should write a letter to the High School asking them to include a girl's hockey team. If they don't, I bet you can find a camp at a local ice rink.
    Congratulations again!

  3. Good job on winning the game! I agree with Hermione. Write a letter to the school!

    -D. Skye <3


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