Hey guys! I'm back from my wonderful vacation in Penn State! I had a great time playing with all my cousins and holding Eliana. Acacia even let me do her hair which is an honor because my aunt (her mom) has only been able to do it twice because Acacia has such a strong personality. We went out for ice cream one night; we had steak, ribs, and pork and couscous another night; and the last night we went to their church which allowed hot chocolate in the sanctuary! Some of you might know that I am a hot cocoa freak... ;) Anyway, I also bought three books for nine bucks! The Sweep series and Between Shades of Grey or something like that. I counted how many books I have to read and the count is up to 40 now... I have some serious reading to do! I have to go get some breakfast now... I'm starving! C u soon!
PS: I've been texting with Sea and Christine my besties and they are both having a great time in Florida and Alabama!