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Hola readers! So earlier I promised to tell you about the funny thing, or at least I thought it was funny, thing that happened to my family yesterday night as we were coming home from a family outing. So on our way home, we stopped at the library to drop off some books in the little drop box outside. Anyway, so there were a group of about 15-20 middle school kids who were just hanging around outside trying to be cool (you know how kids are these days). They had their skateboards to try to impress their girlfriends and all that and the girls were sporting their skinny jeans and tight shirts, your know the drill. When my mom got our of the van to return the books, they were staring openly at her and us the whole time! It was actually a little embarrassing, but who cares! Anyway so my dad was driving off and one of the boys (the one with the lip ring and I'm not even joking!) went to lay down in the middle of the parking lot where he thought my dad would be driving. Little did he know, my dad was going out another way. But we drove past the kid and my dad kinda swerved like he was going to hit the kid (my dad would NEVER do that by the way) and you should have seen the look on his face! It was awesome! He quick bolted up with his mouth hanging open! Then when he saw that my dad was just playing with him, he yelled, "OH, I BET YOU THINK YOU'RE SO..." then we didn't hear the rest of what he said. While we were howling with laughter ourselves we heard all his friends cracking up at him too. Wow, so immature! He thought he was getting us but the joke was on him all the way! Of course he had to come up with the smart aleck response, but even that was hilarious. I would have given anything to hear what he accuse he told his girlfriend (he was standing with his arm around her earlier) because "cool kids" have to have an accuse for looking stupid (sorry for the brief and mild language). Anyway I thought that was super funny!


So if you remember, a very long time ago, I did a post about some girl advice. I also posted my email for girls to send in their problems into so that I could give them advice. They could either stay anonymous or they could reveal their real names if they wished. Well I got a number of responses recently and I thought that tonight would be a good night to do one!

This is from Serena G.

Dear July, I have been having trouble with my younger siblings lately. They always bug me just to get on my nerves and I know it! My mom is really stressed out right now because she is looking for a new and isn't there to do anything about it. How can I make them stop bothering me?

Well Serena, here is my advice: maybe your younger siblings want some extra attention because your mom is gone a lot and can't give them the attention they need! Try to spend some time with them doing stuff that they enjoy, but before you do, tell them that you will do those things only if they let you have some time of your own later. If they don't keep their end of the bargain, tell them that you can't play with them any more until they stop! Just an idea, but maybe you could also plunk them in front of the TV when you are having your own time just to keep them out of your hair! I hope this helps!

If you have some additional advice or ideas for Serena, post them on the comment wall. If you want some advice, email me at
and I'll post on your problem as soon as possible! Make sure you include in your email if you would like to be kept anonymous or not. Or if it's really personal you can ask me not put it on my blog and I will just email you back. I hope to see your email in my inbox!



  1. Funny story!
    Really, I'm only 12, and in 6th grade, but you don't see me skateboarding with skinny jeans and a boyfriend, now do you? Let alone a lip ring. I mean I gauged my ear a tiny but, but that was on accident.(And nobody sees it unless they're obsessing over my ear...)

    Sorry I haven't been able to come to your blog lately. ): I've been so busy with my CAT tests(California Achievement tests)and school and Easter and stuff, that I haven't even been able to get on /my/ blog. I'll make sure to change that. Do you know how to make it so that when there is another post, it Emails you?

    Also, I'll have to get some advice from you. I'm going to have a online diary for my blog soon, when I really feel the need to express my feelings. So you can feel free to check that out when I post something.:]

  2. You gauged your ear? What? Sorry I don't know how to get the email thing... I would help you if I could! Ooh! The online diary sounds fun! You'll have to email me the link when you make it or something! I can't wait for another blog to follow!

  3. Yeah. I'll show a picture of what the earring looks like:**/fyVMtP8A
    Mine looks exactly like that but it is black.(:
    That's fine.(: Of course, I will! Oh, and I've been meaning to ask you if you got the improved cover of "Dancing in the Rain"?

  4. You have that in your ear?! It looks like a mouth ring! Yeah I got the improved cover! Love it! Did you get my email back? I'll email you right now again but I was wondering if you could also have the same picture but with the title Stephie on because I don't know what title I'm going with yet... Thanks so so much!


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