First Soccer Game!

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. So today was Christine and my first soccer game! I was super excited and it was super fun! I was mid the whole game (I mean that that was the position I played, not that I was in the entire game) and Christine was goalie in the second half. I almost scored but I missed. Of course the one time I can't get it in the net it would be game :) Christine only let one goal in so that was good. A little advice though Chris, run out to the line before you throw the ball cause otherwise it's harder for our team to recover the ball without the other team stealing it in the box. Also can you parents bring me home tomorrow? Don't forget to ask! Anyway, we won 2:1 hurrah! Who else is doing spring soccer? Anyone? I played for the majority of the game and Eva (who was sick yesterday) was even there and she helped our team a lot. So did Nicka (pronounced Neecka) though. We all did good! I'm gonna do a review on the book that I'm reading (on the right of my blog) as soon as I'm done which should be soon!
See ya later!