Chicago pics & explanations

Hey guys! Now for the promised pics from my short trip to Chicago! I apologize in advance about the image quality (hey I sound professional!) because they were taken from my phone... I'll tell you some stories later... enjoy!
An old fashioned oven stove found in
the school we stayed at
No comment! LOVE THIS!

Hey that fox has socks!

This was taken from a moving vehicle...

There's a skyscraper for ya! We couldn't tell
which one was the "Sears" tower because it was
slightly foggy and we couldn't see the top
of most buildings...

A sculpture

The gym we stayed at (sorry this one has
people on it but it was really hard to get
on without people)


Ghiridelli chocolate shop! YUM!
We got free samples from there!

American Girl Place!

The Bean

The Bean

An elevator

The pattern on the seat of the bus

A cooking material display!

A fish kite

A lone sock in the hallway


Cleaning supplies
I found this on the internet... I laugh so hard every time I see this!


  1. kay that is absolutely PERFECT!!!!!!!!! hahhaa (hint, hint) ;)


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