Chicago News & Taylor Swift & Stephie (Dancing in the Rain) & Fractured Fairytales

Hey guys! I'm back and I promise to post pics soon! We went a whole bunch of places including the  Ghiradelli chocolate shop (we got free samples! Yum)! I took a whole bunch of pics so don't worry. Sadly though I can't post any that have any people in them because I want myself and Sea and my friends to stay anonymous.

Right now I'm listening to Taylor Swift music... she's great isn't she? Sea and I were singing a whole bunch of Taylor Swift songs on the Coach bus that we road to Chicago on and were annoying our friend Ronda.

I was working on Stephie (Dancing in the Rain) a little bit today and finally finished chapter three. This chapter was really long and it took me a long time to finish. It's like 11 pages long! That's really long for me because I don't usually include so much in one chapter... So I'm hoping to write the entire chapter four this week but we'll have to see because I have soccer again and a couple tests that I desperately have to study for.

I entered Heather Vogel Frederick's contest to win her new book Once Upon a Toad. All you had to do was write how you would fracture your favorite fairy tale. Here's what I wrote:

Haha I love this picture because Cindy looks so grossed out
to be kissed by the prince... She's just like, "Eww, go
flirt with her instead!"
I would do the fairytale Cinderella and have her mother die and her father marry the evil step mother, and then the father die. But the evil step mother really wasn’t evil to Cindy because she looked so much like her father. So she made her two daughters be servants to Cinderella instead. Cindy was a total tomboy all throughout her childhood and hated the thought of marriage. So then when the time came for the ball, the two step sisters weren’t allowed to go because they hadn’t finished their chores. So Cindy, being the kind, considerate angel that she was, helped sneak the step-sisters into the ball in ugly disguises. The youngest step-sister was deeply in love with the prince but knew that she would never be allowed to marry him because her mother always wanted the best for Cindy. The prince thought that Cindy was the most beautiful girl in the land so he approached her and asked to dance. Cindy, being disgusted at the thought of it, would refuse graciously and direct him to the young step-sister named Anastasia or Ana for short. He glanced over and saw her ugly disguise. He decided to give it a chance considering the most beautiful girl in the land told him to. Cindy madly signaled to Ana to take off her mask and unpin her hair and Ana finally got the drift an did so. The prince saw her and fell instantly in love with Ana instead of Cindy. They danced all night and Cindy even got the older step-sister, Drizella, hooked up with the princes younger brother. While Ana and the prince were dancing, the evil step mother spotted Ana and Drizella and freaked out, taking them all home. On the way out, Cindy dropped her glass slipper that she had stuffed in her purse (because she hated wearing high heals) so that the prince could find them and Ana’s dream would then come true. Ok this is getting really long. Sorry about that! Anyway, so the prince would find the slipper and know that it was from one of the beautiful girls. He dropped it in his satchel and took off on his noble steed. He traveled all over with no luck. Little did he know, there was one place he didn’t look. One day while wandering in the woods, he found Cindy hunting. She would recognize him and offer to take him to their home where he could meet Ana again. He called his brother over and they both went to Cindy’s house. When Ana and Drizella say their true loves, they both burst out crying with joy. Luckily their mother wasn’t home so they allowed themselves to be carried off to the castle. They decided on a double wedding that would happen right away before the step mother wouldn’t be there to stop it. Cinderella happily lived in the castle with her sisters and best friends and this time, there was no evil step mother to stop them all from having fun and doing what they pleased! Cinderella never married, but instead she had a huge heart for the poor and less fortunate, always throwing huge parties for the orphaned children in the county and letting them try on the glass slippers that she hated to wear.

You can enter the contest here and fracture your favorite fairy tale. Haha as soon as I typed "fairy tale" the song Today was a Fairy Tale by Taylor Swift came on! Sorry I thought that was kinda funny!


  1. Ooh I love that song "Crazier" by Taylor Swift.

    I wonder if the author Heather vogel Frederick will pick a twisted story of cinderella? That would be fun!

  2. Oh I've never heard of "Crazier"! I'll look it up when I have the chance. Did you enter her contest too?


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