Big Brown, Black Jack, and Butterflies

Hey wonderful bloggers and others just along for the ride!
So as you might know from reading Sea's blog, she was sick and wasn't at school today. Oh well, we survived even though Christine, April, I, and many others missed her today. I just thought I'd let you know about a few things that I've been neglecting to tell you lately. So first up is that I have some incredibly sad but immensely happy news to share with you about Big Brown. But I cannot tell you until my BFF Sea hears. I told Christine today otherwise she would be in on this too. BFBB (Best Friends Before Bloggers)!

The second thing on the agenda is about "my" horse, Black Jack. So the vet went to to the stable I ride at for the checkup type thingy and found out that Jacky can't be ridden anymore because of his hooves. Did you know that a horses foot is a second heart to the horses body? Well now you do. And now I need to find another horse to ride! But what is really sad is that now some desicions need to be made about whether to sell him or to put him down or not. He's not even that old.

The third thing is that yesterday I was sitting at my kitchen table doing homework and my neighbor called over to my house asking if I liked butterflies. So I said yes even though I don't really care about butterflies that much. So I went over there and they had like a thousand butterflies on their lilac bush! It was amazing! They weren't even the normal monarchs that we usually get, it was a different kind... they were orange and blue... so pretty!
Have a great rest of the night!
Julyabelle or July or Julya