Wait... what? I didn't even consider this as an option! Way to be creative Josh!

Josh Hutcherson was asked which team he was on: Team Peeta or Team Gale? But he's is neither…he’s Team Haymitch and I totally love that! Josh also discusses how he prepared for the role of Peeta with the Huffington Post.
“Team Haymitch…Yeah, he’s the man,” Hutcherson laughed.
“Woody Harrelson (plays Haymitch in the Hunger Games movie) just knocks it out of the park so … Haymitch should win the heart of Katniss. Weirder things have happened.”
If you’re one of the few who don’t know the plot of “The Hunger Games,” kids are forced to enter a lottery where the chosen must compete in a live, televised fight to the death. The story is from a book series by Suzanne Collins who co-wrote the screenplay and is one of the film’s producers.
“Having Suzanne Collins involved, gave myself as a fan – and other fans of the book – a sort of confidence to know she wasn’t just handing it off and saying you know, ok, do whatever you want with it.’ I think that having her involved gave a certain sort of security.”
To prepare for his role, Hutcherson had to bulk up. He stepped up his workouts and changed his diet. He said the training wasn’t a problem but the eating wasn’t as enjoyable as it may seem.
“A lot more heavy lifting and a lot more like eating high protein stuff, like very low carbs which is not very fun. I like eating carbs much more than I like eating protein things,” he explained.
Hutcherson said it’s a “big relief” to have the film come out after “buildup” over each actor cast and “hype around every photo that was released.”
Now he’s ready for the fans to see the final product.
“We can finally give people what they’ve been wanting for a long time,” he said, “and for me, you know, it’s very satisfying. I’m very proud.”