Soccer and Spring Break

Sorry for not posting lately! I've been busy with soccer practice all week and learned that I'm super out of shape and sore. My muscles hurt! Today we had a choice of doing Indian Runs or Sprints and we chose sprints... neither are very good choices but I would rather have had the first option because we could all run slowly and make it easy for each other (in an Indian Run, you have to run in a single file line and the last person has to sprint up to the front of the line and so on 'till everybody's done) but sprints would have been shorter so that was good. Anyway, they are killers! Thankfully soccer is done for the week because our coach will be heading off for vacation tomorrow and we don't have school Friday on account of spring break! Yay!
I found this on Google.
Just some friendly advice,
never Google search "soccer girls"

I'm going to Pennsylvania to visit my aunt and uncle and their three kids just like we do every single spring break. But this time, I'll be seeing my new cousin Eliana for the first time! She is such a cute baby (at least from the pictures I've seen)! Where are you going for spring vacation(if you have one)? Are you planning anything fun? I really want to know where you're all going! I think that my aunt and I are gonna go to the Hunger Games again... at least I hope!
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So I was shopping at a second hand shop searching for the good bargains tonight and I saw this really sweet bag that I want. It's from Guatemala because that is what the store is raising money for. Sadly the bad is a little expensive so I'll be saving up for a little bit.


  1. Oh so that is what it's called. In the movie "Stuck in the suburbs" Brittany and Natasha (Danielle Panabaker and Brenda Song) were doing some kind of sprints behind the whole class. Good luck in soccer. and have fun!

    Have fun in Pennsylvania. Hope you have a great time.

    A bag costs too much at a second hand store? Oh man, that stinks. Sorry. Did you ask the salesperson if they can save it for you or like a layaway for you?

  2. Well it only costs that much because it was made in Guatemala by some of the ladies and kids at the orphanage. I actually just bought it today and LOVE IT! I promise I'll post a picture of it soon.


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