Sniff, Sniff

Hello Hungry, or not so hungry readers!
I know this blog's been a little quiet lately, but I have a good reason! I do! I've been sick for about a week, not fun, and I'm actually dying to get back to school! So the Hunger Games released another teaser scene from their movie and this time I actually almost ended up crying. For those of us who are Team Gale, I think you might feel the same way as I do. It's the sweetest! Even those of you who are Team Peeta I think you'll find it adorable and emotional too. So, now that I've talked about my feelings about it, here's the link.

Click here to find the teaser scene from The Hunger Games movie that is coming out THIS FRIDAY! That would be four days including today as you can see from my homemade countdown....

Also on the sight (of the link), there are a lot of other Hunger Games related videos to watch too :)
About those pants I was gonna get... I decided not to because they had the word "Abercrombie" plastered in big letters all over the butt. I'll find some better ones somewhere else. I'm sure you're all wondering how Sea's big day went too! She did great! Did you all remember to encourage her beforehand? I hope so. I have a TON of homework to catch up on, so see ya soon! But before you go,  I was NOT able to submit my AGT audition because the website was being stinky. But I'm ok with it because I just figure it was not God's will for me to do that this year. Plus, even if it is a very small chance, my life could be changed completely if I do get on the show so I was hesitant anyway. I'm not sure I want a drastic change right now.
Love and Cough meds,