March 08, 2012

Sea's Big Day! and other spam for your brain!

Hey guys! So tonight Sea and I have a band concert and guess what! SEA HAS A SOLO (with one other person but the solo is from the rest of the band)! Drop by her blog
and do me a favor... tell her how proud you are of her and congratulate her! Wish us all luck. I accidentally left my flute in my locker and I'm hoping I'll be able to get to it because our school has blocker thingys to keep people away from classrooms. And I mentioned that I might be in an honor band with Hope College (BOO HOPE) but it's on March 10 so I don't know if i was accepted or not... oh well.

Also check out my bestie, Chrisa's blog too!
Make sure you vote on her book covers. She is writing a book called Dare to Dream and you can get more details on her blog.

So Hunger Games is coming out on March 23 but the premiere is in LA on March 12. I can't go but oh well. My friends Christine and Sea and I might be going to the midnight premiere on a school night, but who cares! I really hope we all can go! Who else is going to the movie? Oh and isn't Josh Hucherson a hunk? :) (Christine + Brad) Just kidding Chrisa! ;)

Once again I'm hesitant to send a picture of me to my pen pal cause she's really pretty and I'm... well, not really compared to her. She's a nice girl, don't get me wrong, but I don't want her to think I'm weird or something. I forget if I mentioned... her name is July too! Sorry I think that's pretty cool.

I signed up for spring soccer today and I can't wait! But I heard that the coach is really tough. She makes us run suicides a lot and really works us out. Although that's not always a bad thing either :) I really should lay off the junk food... I eat a lot! Like I have at least 5 meals a day... I'm not even kidding. I think this summer I'm gonna pick up running again but Sea doesn't think I'll stick with it. What a Debbie Downer :) Just kidding. We'll see! Anyway sorry I haven't had time to blog on The Scorpio Races.

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