March 20, 2012

Oh happy day! (echo- Oh happy day!) Oh happy day! (echo- Oh happy day!) Sing it Ya'll!

Hey everybody!
I'm sure you're all wondering about the title of my post. Well, today of almost a whole week of being home sick, I returned to school, even if it was half day. Boy do I have a ton of homework and notes to catch up on! That'll be fun! Usually I would not be excited to blog about going back to school, but... when you've been sick for a week... you get the drift. Of course I got the "where were you-s" and the "oh do you have mono-s" and the "so am I gonna get sick now because of you-s" but plowing through, today turned out to be a great day at school. Another thing that added to that factor was that right when I got there, my teacher was herding all the kids for the annual Boy's basketball team vs. Girl's basketball team game. It is always really funny because the ref. is really unfair and the point keepers add points to the wrong teams board! It's all a fun thing though. They technically ended up tying, but that's only because the girls were getting creamed and the point keeper added points to their score.

When my dad got home from work today he took me out to get a Slurpee from 7-11 gas station right by our house and I saw my friend Gemma there with her little brothers. Apparently she overflowed her youngest brother Cam's cup and he made sure that it wasn't his fault, but Gemma did it... haha silly Gemma. And that's why I'm happy, well the caffeinated Slurpee probably didn't play any role! ;)
Love and Coke Slurpees,

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