Hunger Games Movie

Hey everyone! So yesterday I went to see the Hunger Games! Guess how much it made in it's first weekend. 155 million dollars! That is a ton of money and that's just in the US! So I was a little disappointed because they changed a few things and the movie wasn't as good as I thought it'd be... it was still good, don't get me wrong, but the book was much better in my opinion. Anyway, they added some unnecessary language that was not in the book and Buttercup, ya know, Prim's cat who's supposed to be ugly, was cute. Katniss and Peeta's fire suits were pretty lame in my opinion too. I liked my imagination picture of them better.
SPOILER ALERT! Close your eyes and scroll down if you haven't already read the book and plan to!

So when Rue dies, she doesn't even look like she is
in pain! She just gets hit by a spear and stands there looking shocked, pulls it out, and then faints. And when she is laying with her head on Katniss's lap, she isn't really crying. Well she is but she's not in any pain at all, or so it appears. I was also disappointed because Katniss didn't weave flowers in her hair. She just laid some on her chest.

Ok you can look now! They changed the ending a little too. Plus the people in the row behind us were talking the whole time. And they weren't whispering, they were talking! Rude! It was funny though cause there was a little girl who had to go out of the theater a couple times and she had those light up shoes that you could see all the way down the aisle thing! Enjoy some new movie pictures! I apoligize in advance if the pictures are not in order. It's a pain to move a whole bunch of pictures around in my computer.

President Snow
Katniss comforts Prim after she has a nightmare on
the morning before the reaping
Katniss before the reaping looking for Gale
Prim at the reaping

Effie just being Effie on the train
Haymitch making the deal with Katniss
and Peeta on the train that he would help them as
much as he could
Capital people!
The fire suits!
The parade!
Training with all the tributes
Peeta showing off his artistic skills in training
The careers looking cocky
Rue showing off her climbing skills
Tributes waiting for their turn to be interviewed by
Caesar Flickerman 
Caesar with Glimmer

Rue being interviewed by Caesar

Katniss being interviewed by Caesar
Peeta being interviewed by Caesar
Katniss gets frustrated with the Gamemakers while
she is trying to get a high score
Effie's angry because of what Katniss tried
to pull with the Gamemakers

Katniss, Peeta, Effie, Cinna, Haymitch, and Octavia waiting
for Katniss and Peeta's scores

Haymitch giving Katniss a pep talk right
before she heads to her fate

Tributes get transferred to the arena where they will see
their designers one last time and step on the pedestal

Katniss gets her tracker put in
This short scene almost made me sick
because I cant stand to watch anybody get
 injected with anything...
Cinna talking to Katniss one last time before going
into the arena

A reporter on the Games

Haymitch trying to round up some
more sponsors for Katniss and Peeta
The part of the capital who's in charge of
the games

Hopefully you saw some pictures that you haven't seen before and aren't disappointed because I didn't add your favorite one. I tried to add some that just came out instead of those that have been out for a while!
PS I made myself a Team Gale shirt for the movie (just to hold me over till we make our official ones Sea and Christine!) and it is pretty cool! On the front it obviously says Team Gale and on the back it says Hey Catnip!


  1. Usually the movie versions are different than in the book. That's what I noticed.


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