Hilarious Hunger Games Moments with Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hucherson!

Hey guys! Check out this screen shot! It's an interview of Josh Hutcherson talking about a party he went to with Jennifer (Jennifer is who she is talking about here) for the Hunger Games.
Haha! Hope you enjoyed the laugh! That is sooo stupid (no offense) to let someone kick you head! I wonder what brought that topic up anyway! At least he escaped with a mild concussion because I know of two people who have had them for a long time. One since about September and the other just before Christmas break! That would stink.


  1. Ha! I wonder what my blogging friend the Josh Hutcherson fanatic would say about that...

    1. Is he/she obsessed with his gorgeousness? :)

  2. its not stuiped my brother and his friends do it all the time!!!!!!!!!!!! ohhh... i see. but its pretty safe compared 2 other things he does... dont ask.
    cause i must


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