Peeta's Bread Army!

Hey guys! I was on the Hunger Games website that I have the link to on the side of my blog and there was a really cool post! To go directly to that post, click here and I highly encourage you to do something about this and read the whole thing!

I'll sum it up real quick though. So the Hunger Games has teamed up with Feeding America (if you don't know what that is, then it's this: Once a month people come and get food who cannot afford it otherwise and would probably go hungary if there wasn't a food drive every month because they don't have to pay for a piece of it!). Anyway they call it Peeta's Bread Army! I love that name! I'll put a quote from the article here

As Peeta’s Bread Army, we will provide not only food, but also hope for those in the grip of starvation.
So anyway my church does Feeding America every month and I decided to try to help out more often! It's actually kinda fun if you get into it! One time, I had to sort a whole bunch of peppers, like over 3000 peppers, into different bags. It took forever! But when I got to hand them out them, people were so grateful for what had been done for them. If you can't picture what this looks like, picture this: 300 families waiting downstairs in my church having coffee with cookies and bars. When their number is called they go up and outside, get a cart (a volunteer pushes the cart for them so they can handle other things), and go to the food line where a whole bunch of tables have been set up with a whole bunch of food. You can take two, maybe even three, or none of the particular food item. There are volunteers behind the tables handing out food and saying hello, stuff like that. There are also volunteers called "runners" and since all the food doesn't fit on the tables at once, when we run out of a product, they are called to get more for you from the back. Then when they get through the line of food, the cart pusher pushes the cart to the person's car and helps unload the groceries! How cool is that! Also what makes it better is that the food is all donated by stores, people, and restaurants! 
The picture up there, I made this basing it off the quote I put up in the forth-ish paragraph.

I hope that you look up the article and get inspired to help your community battle hunger like Peeta, me, and the rest of his army!
Tell me what you think of the plan for The Hunger Games to team with Feeding America!

Hoping that hunger in the USA and other countries can be diminished,


  1. My church did something like this last year! It was super fun. I totally encourage everyone else to try it out sometime. =)


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