Another female delegate to the great Congress of Cousins!

This is NOT Eliana...
but this is a very cute baby
Hello everyone!
Long time no see eh? Well I've been really busy lately (sorry about that!) I think I mentioned before that my aunt Jess was pregnant right? Well she had her baby! Yay! And to add the cherry on top of the cake, the baby is a girl! How cool is that right! Well it's just cool to me cause I was the only girl cousin in the whole family 'till Akasha (pronounced like the tree) came along two years ago. Now I have two girl cousins even though they came along a little late. Oh well I know have two people to share my old Barbies with. Oh and I forgot to tell you the name! When my mom told me the name I was shocked! Well kinda. But they named her Eliana and I thought that was a coincidence because the girl in my story is named Ellianna... I don't know, it's somewhat similar. They live in Pennsylvania and we get to see them over Spring Break. But we aren't staying in PA the whole time.... we might be going to NEW YORK!!! Yay! I'm usually not a shopping person, but who can't resist when they're in the Big Apple! Of course my parents want to make it educational so we'll have to go see the Statue of Liberty, and Ground Zero, and Ellis Island and stuff like that but even that sounds fun.

This is NOT me, Christine, or Sea....
 but isn't she adorable!
Today was twin day for our school (it's spirit week) and I was triplets with Sea and Christine. We wore our Hundred Miler shirts from last year with black long sleeve underneath. We also wore flare jeans (did you know that those are in again now?) and tennies. Of course we did stuff with our hair too. We all put it up in high pig tails and looked sooo cute! Especially Sea. She pulls that stuff off with now problem. We did have one slight pooper though :) Cough, cough... Christine ;)

My dog Shirley really has this thing for one of our couch pillows and it's always the same one... gross. Well anyway, I have to go do homework,


  1. Congrats on your newest member of the cousin club! You'll give her a hug for me won't you? ;) And yes, I freely admit it: I rocked those pigtails!
    ~:(^.^):~ (that's my smiley face with pigtails... looks interesting.)
    Wish I could go to New York, but Florida's not so shabby either. :D
    Love and pigtail fun,

  2. so over spring break I yes ME and (the bad part) my COMPLAINING brother have 2 go 2 washington D.C. my scary brother is now angry and scary (bad, bad, BAD). he wants 2 stay with his friend, (who is NOT my brother desite what they say) so i say i should get a friend. :-( but it can't b u (unless ur cousin can wait...) anyways u should b excited about the statue of liberty & elis island cause that's where x-men 1 has a kick butt battle!
    cause i must, MEGGIE THE GREAT (sorry it's v-day im happy)



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