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After a jolly weekend of snow days, shopping, eating out, and seeing someone that part of you loves but the majority of you hates, at a Calvin vs. Hope basketball game, back to school I trudged this morning at 6:59 am. Yup, that's when I leave to get on the bus and get to school around 7:30 am. HALF HOUR BUS RIDE >:/ So anyway, I've been super busy. I've been writing two short stories that I have sent into magazines and working on my audition for AGT (America's Got Talent). Yes, I live in America. Yes, I am trying out for AGT! By the way, that reminds me.... the video auditions are dueTODAY! I have to do a video one because my parents wouldn't drive me down to St. Louis to audition on a school day. Anyway, wish me luck! I'm singing Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts, a beautiful song that I only have on problem with... it has almost no variation in range! Oh well, I'll try my best...

Also I've been entering a whole bunch of Hunger Games contests. I entered one put on by Barnes & Noble to win a trip to the Hunger Games Premiere on March 12 (the movie is out on March 23 but you can see the first showing on March 12!) but I didn't win :( Also I entered a contest to win a signed poster of Effie Trinket but I didn't win that either :( The past one I entered is to win a 4 person, all expense paid, trip to Los Angeles to go the Hunger Games Premeire and this ones even better than the B & N one because you get 4 tickets! Whereas at B & N you only get two tickets. Yay! 

I finished The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater and highly recommend it aside from the brief, mild inappropriate parts and swearing. I'll blog on it later hopefully! I have a huge stack of books waiting for me and right now am in the middle of Crossed, sequel to Matched by Ally Condie and so far I like it pretty well. Also in my ever growing stack of books is Ever by Gail Carson Levine (she also wrote Fairest, and I actually own that it was so good), Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater (wrote The Scorpio Races), Boys Without Names by Kashmira Sheth and Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. Hush, Hush  is a book that I'm not quite sure about but I give books three strikes and after three they're out. Swearing, inappropriateness, and other things all count as strikes.

Happy Reading!


  1. you never sit with me on the bus :-( 1/2 an hour of sitting by well... our awful bus. think of a bus on a movie. its a 1000000000 times better than ours. My friend (who is 15) is going to try out for American Idol!!!!!!!! i so hope 1 (or 2) of u get on!
    cause i must


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