February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day everyone!

Happy Leap Day!
I like this one!
Hello Yellow!

This dude looks scared! Poor guy.
A pelican must've spotted him.
Now that's cool

He's flexible...

I love how they're standing... they look so gangster
except that they're smiling... that kinda
ruins the affect
It's a bird! It's a plane! No... It's LEAP DAY FROG!

I know this has absolutely nothing to do with
Leap Day, but hey, it's an adorable Easter Bunny-Frog
Poison Dart frog? Maybe?

Average joe, green frog

It only comes once a year!

Remind me again. Is this a zebra? Or is
it a frog disguised as a zebra?
Close your eyes! Haha just kidding. Got some
major looovvvve goin' on here!
Happy Leap Day everyone again... Hope you enjoyed the pics of the froggies!
Love and sliminess,

Do you know anyone who was born on Leap Day? That would stink in my opinion, but yet at the same time it would be cool to have bragging rights........ ;)


  1. I love the one what you said,"I love how they're standing... they look so gangster
    except that they're smiling... that kinda
    ruins the affect." I laughed(: So cute!

    I do know someone. . .or rather two someones! They're twins and today they're turning 3! Haha,(:


  2. my teachers husband was born on leap day... he's only like 12-ish and shes like 44-ish! and dont dis frogs! theyre awssome! were u there when we caught 15-20 frogs?
    cause i must


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