Dog Faux Pas

Hey everyone! I got a hint from one of my faithful viewers that I should do another Fashion Faux Pas... well this time I thought I'd do Dog Faux Pas! I hope this suits everyone! Enjoy!

This one made me laugh out loud... especially if you've read the
Harry Potter series

Hold it... that's not the Cat in the Hat!
It's the Dog in the Hat!

We're off to see the Wizard!

*breaths in creepily, breaths out creepily, repeat* 

Incredible dog!

The Headless Dog Man!

Burger? Fries? Anyone?

That's the cutest butter I've ever seen! (haha Christine!)

Moose crossing!

Watch out for the Joker!

No! Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.
~Master Yoda
Can anyone explain this quote to me?
Me want cookie.

It's-a me! Mario!


The noble steed


Super Man! Fly!

Hope you've enjoyed my little fun! 

PS     Did anyone have a date for Valentines day?


  1. Cute! But I think it's a little cruel to put dogs in uncomfortable looking costumes. The headless horseman was great! ;)

    1. I totally agree with you about the cruelty of it. But you have to admit, they are quite cute...

  2. hahaha VERY cute! but is there some kind of inside joke I'm supposed to know about that has something to do with a butter dog?

  3. You want that Yoda quote explained? "Do or do not, there is no try..." It's quite profound, really; it basically means that doing something is an absolute: you can do it, or you can fail. You can't really say "Oh, well... I tried..." Of course you tried; if you hadn't tried, you wouldn't have failed. For that matter, you wouldn't have succeeded.
    That doesn't make much sense. He's just saying that people shouldn't say "I'll try" before they do something; they should say "I will", or "I won't". Make up your mind to succeed or fail. If you just "try", you put yourself in a failing mindset.
    Hope it helped. I like these pictures.

  4. no offence umm... head phil? but... well u sound like a teacher. and not the fun kind who gives out free pencils and we get to watch a movie instead of learning. July am i ur Fashion Faux Viewer? cause that ugly high heel... (and i am not a fashion queen!!!!!!!!!!!)
    cause i must


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