Calvin vs. Hope! Two biggest rivals in Michigan!

Hello everybody! Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!! Haha. Have you ever heard of the Puppy bowl? They do those every year... I've never seen it but is is a football game with puppies!

So yesterday I got my hair cut in a really different style for me and I think it's pretty cute! After that my grandma invited me to go to a basketball game with her. They are HUGE rival colleges... like huge. I'm a fan of one (sorry to all others out there) and my team is the #1 ranked team in the whole entire nation! Yay! Plus there is a guy in my grade who is CLC (special needs) whose two sisters play on that team. His sister is the #1 player in the nation too. The other team won :( One good thing of going to the game was that we got to spin this wheel for absolutely free and we all one free food! I won soup and my grandma won pizza :P I was jealous... haha. After the game we went to the restaurant to get our food! I got Chicken Wild Rice and Mushroom soup and it was super good except for the mushrooms... and my grandma got cheese pizza and shared! I was sooooo happy. I am a pig... I know.

Anyway, tonight I'm going to my church to practice in a choir that I'm doing with one of my good friends Gemma. I like singing so I thought that this would be fun. Plus Gemma is fun to be with too!

Fumble! Fumble!
Tonight I'm gonna watch the whole super bowl just to see the commercial for the Hunger Games movie (coming out on March 23) and also to see the other funny commercials too. Have fun at all your parties or even if your just layin' low at home!

Puppy bowls and junk food,
That looks absolutely disgusting, but awesome.



  2. Gemma is super fun, I agree! Send me a pic of your new hairstyle soon, because I can't stand waiting for tomorrow to see it.
    <3 Seana

  3. There was no Hunger Games comercial!!!! Now I'm really mad!!!!! >.<

  4. Well, I didn't see it either, but I did hear from Jack that there was one...

  5. july 1st off isn't the biggest rival? 2nd my mom thinks that they don't know what 2 rate it so there waasn't any commercials ( but, if u have a movie, get an AMAZING commercial and show it during the MIDDLE of the super bowl, not any day b4) 3rd ur not a pig! 4TH I do no gemma right? i think i do but im not sure...
    cause i must

  6. Aaaaaaack! i meant te biggest rivals in michigan r michigan VS state not hope and calvin. MICHIGAN RULES!
    cause i must


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