January 19, 2012

Whoop Whoop!

Hey everyone! Exams are now officialy finished until the end of the year when we have two more... but for now? Terminated! Ended! Concluded! Complete! Accomplished! Achieved! Fulfilled! Discharged! Executed! Ok enough of that. As you could probably tell, I've had enough of this cramming the night before and then forgetting half of it anyway. I did really good on Bible, and more than likely got a pretty good grade on science.

Well, thanks to Sea, I've got nothing to post about. She stole mine... :P 

I have a book that I've been meaning to do for the last, like, month and I'll try to do it soon. I would do it now but I have to practice piano yet. What instruments do you all play? I play piano and flute. 

I have a special surprise for you... well kinda special. Not like major, but whatever. I have gotten some inspiration from Emma, another great blog that I follow (also find it on the side link) to put the entire chapter one of my story, Stephie (need new name ideas fast!) on my blog for one day. It will be posted starting tomorrow (Friday) around 3:30ish until the next day (Saturday) whenever I take it off. It will NOT be taken off till at least 3:30 so you have until then at least to read it. You do not want to miss this! Who knows when I will be generous again to do this. If you are wondering why I'm only doing it for a set amount of time, it is because I am trying to prevent plagiarism. Keep watching!
July A. Emmance


  1. I'm so lucky I don't have exams. I'd totally die. I can't stand them. I play a little piano too. (:

    I'll totally check it outt! (:
    Mine's still on my blog if you'd want to check it out, but I'll probably take it down this evening. I'm going to post the Prologue to my other one. . .maaaaaybe, possibly tonight, too.

    Buuut, I ya never know. Anyway, cool post. (:


  2. Haha, lucky duck! I will definintly check it out... if it's not too late... :)

  3. so first of all PEOPLE ACUALLY STUDY 4 EXAMS!?!?!?!? THATS JUST SAD!!! secondly like anyone would plagurize a 13-year-old girl. lol.
    'cause i must


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